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A39/Bude - Camelford

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From:  Bude
To:  Camelford
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Route outline (key)
East Arrownortheast.jpg Bideford - Bude
A39 Bude - Camelford
Arrowsouthwest.jpg West Camelford - Indian Queens

North East | South West

Carrying on from my previous post - this is my memory of the road which passed my house.

Leaving Bude (or the outskirts of Bude opposite the A3073 Junction opposite the Penbode vets) - I returned to this last year and found it had been made into a new Roundabout. The road travels almost due south through a narrow tree lined section of about 250 yards before a couple of minor bends and again opening up to a wide two lane single carriageway which gentle drops down the hill. It crosses a staggered junction at Kings Hill (Right turn A3073 south entrance to Bude / Road on left to Marhamchurch), before picking up the alignment of the old Bude Branch Railway with a fine swept by-pass of Helebridge. The road continues south west and rises to Box's Shop Crossroads (left to Titson, Right to Widemouth) before straightening through a section at Coppathorne (where it has partially by-passed a row of houses), likewise at the next village of Treskinnick cross it does the same (past the Rebel cinema)

The road then does something absurd, by taking a sharp bend alignment when a straight route would make far more sense on a short hill just prior to Penleen. After this the road bends either direction for about a mile before straightening towards the crossroads at Wainhouse Corner. There is a truly excellent Pub here (great in winter - massive open fire, very good food and drink). The village also has a fuel garage and a small shop.

From Wainhouse, the road is ruler straight for about a mile as it approaches the quarry at Collamoor head. The road then rises sharply up an incline which has been improved with an overtaking lane. This lasts for about 3/4 mile before levelling off towards the Otterham Crossroads, then further along to Otterham station (the railway long since removed by Dr. Beeching). The road then has a junction to the left with the B3262 to Halwill (A395 North Devon link road), and a right hand turn towards Marshgate and Boscastle.

Continuing south west, the road opens up again into a wide 2 lane section with overtaking lanes rising up to Davidstow Cathedral City Cheese plant, on the junction of the A395 North Devon Link And St Kitts Herbery (?) on your left. The route is then mainly straight for about two miles until a junction on the right (A3314) towards Slaughterbridge - This is the approved by-pass route for Camelford, but it is not for the faint hearted. The bridge over the Camel River is only suitable for single way traffic and is weight limited, the road relies on two crossroad junctions without any lights and rejoining the A39 at Valley Truckle is a nightmare in summer with nothing to control the oncoming traffic.

staying on the A30, the road slowly descends for about a mile into Camelford town, the road becoming much narrower and double parking becoming an issue as you head into the town itself. The main pinch point is the short single lane section (traffic light controlled) past the Darlington Pub. The Darlington used to have the most wonderful nativity scene each advent, set up on a balcony overlooking the town.

Camelford itself has a few shops, a Co-op, great Fish and Chips place and a coupe of nice pubs - it just suffers with the level of traffic, especially in the summer.

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