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A41/Aylesbury - Wendlebury

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From:  Aylesbury (SP820135)
To:  Wendlebury (SP553192)
Via:  Bicester
Meets:  A41, A413, A418, A4156, A4157, B4011, A4421, B4100, B4030, M40, A34
Former Number(s):  A421
Highway Authorities

Buckinghamshire • Oxfordshire


Buckinghamshire • Oxfordshire

Route outline (key)
Arrownorthwest.jpg North Bicester - Solihull
A41 Aylesbury – Wendlebury
South Arrowsoutheast.jpg Watford - Aylesbury

South | North (defunct) | North (existing)


The A41 forms the southern side of the Aylesbury Ring Road, passing junctions for the A413, A418 and countless local roads before making a left turn at a roundabout with the A4157 to head out towards Bicester. There are a lot of roundabouts on the A41 through Aylesbury - the road seems to be a lot of link roads between roundabouts.

Rural Buckinghamshire takes us past a couple of speed camera sites.

The section between leaving Aylesbury and arriving at the Bicester Ring Road used to be free of roundabouts though during late 2008 a roundabout was built just before the railway bridge that carries the Aylesbury-Quainton railway. This was done to facilitate access to the new Aylesbury Vale Parkway railway station that has been built there.

The road is a reasonable single carriageway between Aylesbury and Waddesdon (stop here for the Manor, which is owned by the National Trust and the home of the Rothschilds).

Continuing westwards, the road becomes rural in nature with few junctions of any note. There is a low bridge where the road passes under the Chiltern Railways line on the outskirts of Blackthorn. The bridge used to be subject to vehicle strikes and an electronic height warning system was in place. In the early 2000s the road was lowered under the bridge and the electronic warning system appears to be no longer in use.

Arriving on the outskirts of Bicester, the road becomes wider on an embankment past Bicester Village Outlet Stores. Eventually we arrive at a roundabout where we turn left onto a dual carriageway which takes us to the M40 at junction 9. The dual carriageway continues south west to Oxford and beyond as the A34. There is now a gap in the A41 between here and Solihull; traffic for the Midlands is sent along the M40. The original route of the A41 turned off before the dual carriageway started to go through the centre of town. Although heavily renumbered, its route is still easy to follow (click on the defunct section below for details).

South | North (defunct) | North (existing)

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