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From:  Telford Way, Kettering (SP847794)
To:  Stanion (SP909873)
Distance:  7.5 miles (12.1 km)
Meets:  A14, A43, A6003, A6900, A6098, A6183, A43, A6116
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A4300 Kettering - Stanion

The A4300 was the old route of the A6 and A43 through Kettering before the bypass was built. On May 23rd 2014, it was extended through Geddington along the bit of A43 bypassed by the Corby link road.

The road starts at A14 J7, where that road starts to form the Kettering southern bypass and the A43 the western bypass. The A4300 heads southeastwards into town, passing a hospital as well as the usual out-of-town retail and light industry. After we go under the Midland Main Line we cross the A6003 at a roundabout and then head into the town centre along Lower Street.

We skirt a shopping centre and then reach traffic lights, where the A6900 turns off to the left. Continuing ahead we follow a one-way relief road around the edge of the town centre before bearing left at another set of lights where the A6900 continues ahead. There is no corresponding route for westbound traffic. That has to follow the A6900 to the south of the town centre to meet the A6003 in order to rejoin the A4300.

We head east out of town along Montagu Street and reach the A6098 at a mini-roundabout. We now continue northeast along Stamford Road, showing our history as the former A43. Presently we reach open country and then we go through the village of Weekley to a roundabout at the end of the Kettering northern bypass. For some years this was the A43 and so the A4300 ended here; however, that road now follows an alternative route, the road to the left is now the A6183 and so we continue ahead.

The A4300 (former A43) near Boughton

We skirt the grounds of Boughton House (owned by the Dukes of Buccleuch, who descend from the Montagu family) before passing Geddington on a bypass dating to the 1920s; the old route through the village crosses an ancient narrow bridge with ford adjacent before bearing left at the Eleanor Cross. We then climb past a wood before a few bends take us to Stanion. The road passes to the west of the village to end at a roundabout where it rejoins the A43 and so the A4300 ends. The A6116 also ends here.

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Footpath along the A43 (C) Les Harvey - Geograph - 416097.jpg
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