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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Walsgrave on Sowe (SP387822)
To:  Coventry (SP339791)
Distance:  3.9 miles (6.3 km)
Meets:  M6, M69, A46, B4082, B4110, A428, A4053
Former Number(s):  A46
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Coventry • Warwickshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A4600 Walsgrave – Coventry

The A4600 follows a part of the former route of the A46 between M6 junction 2 and Coventry city centre. It gained its current number when the city's eastern bypass was built and the A46 was moved onto that.

The dual carriageway at the road's north-eastern end

The road starts at Junction 2 of the M6 and heads south towards Coventry. It is a D2 dual carriageway, and a few hundred yards after the start is a roundabout giving access to a business and retail park. Further along is a small roundabout (which sometimes feels too small for the traffic it handles) which provides access to residential areas, and to the Asda supermarket. From here, the road passes property frontages, with accesses to driveways.

Further along is a signalised junction with the B4082 Woodway Lane, providing further access to residential areas. Next is a slightly oddly shaped and partly signalised roundabout, where the B4082 heads south towards Walsgrave Hospital; to the north is the Homebase store, which connects directly to the roundabout.

The more congested single-carriageway section closer to the city centre

The central reservation from this point onwards, other than at places where it is cut into for the purpose of right-turn lanes, is quite wide. There are more signalised junctions and signalised pedestrian crossings before the road bends down towards the south, with an odd lane arrangement owing to provision of a bus lane. The road here drops to S2 single carriageway, with a bus lane alongside. The latter disappears just before another small roundabout, where we turn right to enter Stoke. As we get further into Stoke, the road gets busier, owing to the signalised pedestrian crossings and junctions; there are also quite a few shops here.

The A444 crosses over on a bridge and we meet the B4110 on both sides; the section heading north gets traffic lights just after the bridge. We reach another signalised junction – this time with the A428, which brings in A444 traffic – and turn right to continue on the A4600 as Sky Blue Way. The road settles down as a D2 dual carriageway, with a bus lane heading towards the city centre. Our route terminates just after a roundabout, where it joins the A4053 Coventry Ring Road at J3.

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