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A4 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD922796)
To:  A3 south of Gorey (XD971790)
Via:  Le Hocq, Le Bourg, La Rocque
Distance:  6.6 miles (10.6 km)
Meets:  A3, A16, A15, A5, A3
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Route outline (key)
A4 St Helier - south of Gorey
This article is about the Jersey A4.
For the British A4, see A4
For the Northern Irish A4, see A4 (Northern Ireland).
For the Manx A4, see A4 (Isle of Man).

The A4 appears to start in the docks area to the south of St Helier town centre. The actual start point is at a U bend where the A16 ends, the two routes approaching parallel to each other as the road climbs up the hill. However, signs in the town centre continue to show the original starting point at the north end of Pier Road on Mulcaster Street. It is not clear if this section has definitely been downgraded, with the signs left in situ, or if the A4 actually does still start here.

Back at the south end of Pier Road, the A4 heads south at first, but soon swings round to the east, winding down the hill to the shore. A row of buildings briefly hides the sea views, and then the lido is passed on its rocky outcrop on the beach. The road then passes to the landward side of more houses to reach a mini roundabout. Here the road to the left quickly splits as the B85 and A15, whilst the A4 turns right.

Curving back to the east, the A5 soon forks left, while the A4 turns steadily south east and resumes the coast. The landward side of the road is continuously built up as the road runs along the coast, looking out across vast sandy beaches with an azure sea beyond. At high tide the waves can break against the sea wall. At Samares, perhaps the most southerly point on Jersey, the road again runs between buildings, as it turns around to the north east. Finally leaving the urban development of St Helier behind, odd fields slip in between the houses as the road returns to the coast at Le Hocq, with one of Jerseys round towers standing on a little rocky headland.

At Pontac, the road slips inland again, with paths and lanes leading down to the coast. The road is narrower too, and the traffic is somewhat quieter than before, but sharp bends can still reveal oncoming traffic in the middle of the road! The road returns to the coast as it reaches Jerseys south east corner, and turns to the north. Way out in the distance on the rocks is the Seymour Tower, which can be walked to at low tide, but don't get caught out! There are odd glimpses of the sea as the road runs north, passing behind a series of Jersey Towers, mostly now incorporated in luxury houses.

At Fauvic, the road turns much further inland, with whole housing estates between it and the coast. The A5 turns left, taking a shorter route back to town, and then the road passes behind a golf course. At a fork, the B71 cuts off the corner, but the A3 is quickly reached, marking the end of the A4, with the A3 now continuing the journey north along the coast into Gorey.

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A4 (Jersey)
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