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A5/Dunstable - Stony Stratford

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From:  Chalton (TL090147)
To:  Stony Stratford (SP774415)
Meets:  M1, A5183 (A505) A4012, A4146, A421, A509, A422, A508, A5
Old route now:  A5183, V4
Highway Authorities

Highways England


Bedfordshire • Buckinghamshire • Hertfordshire • Northamptonshire

Route outline (key)
Arrownorthwest.jpg North Stony Stratford - Crick
A5 Chalton - Stony Stratford
South Arrowsoutheast.jpg Brokley - Dunstable (now A5183)
South Arrowsoutheast.jpg Central London - Brockley

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The A5 now reappears at Junction 11A on the M1 to form the Dunstable northern bypass. It then meets the A505 at a roundabout, where the original A5 route is met and turns a more northerly in direction.

The village of Hockliffe need not detain us much, but it was once a major junction on the British road network, as this was where the road to Derby and Liverpool—later to become the A50 -- left us. However, the A50 has now been cut back as far as Leicester, as its route has been largely superseded by the M1.

Milton Keynes
As well as concrete cows and one of the largest collections of roundabouts known to man, Milton Keynes has its own road numbering system for through roads, based on a grid. East-west roads are numbered H1 to H10, and north-south roads are numbered V1 to V11 -- the original route of the A5 being V4 Watling Street. However, as the current A5 alignment was built later, it does not fit into the grid and is known simply as the A5.

Soon we reach the dual carriageway Little Brickhill bypass, which leads onto the Milton Keynes bypass, a dual carriageway route, which runs closer to the centre of the town than the original route. From a large light-controlled roundabout—where we meet the original A5 coming in from Old Stratford, the A422 and the A508.

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