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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Churchtown PR9 (SD362188)
To:  Birkdale PR8 (SD326134)
Via:  Southport
Distance:  4.5 miles (7.2 km)
Meets:  A565, B5244, B5276, B5245, A570, B5243, B5208
Former Number(s):  B5244, A565
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A5267 Churchtown – Birkdale

The A5267 is a loop off the A565 in Southport, weaving its way through the eastern residential districts of the town and bypassing the town centre. It consists mostly of a reclassification of an earlier portion of the B5244, although the section through Birkdale is the old route of the A565.

The route starts at traffic lights on the A565 in the Churchtown area of town. It heads south along the residential Manor Road, meeting the two arms of the present western end of the B5244 before reaching a roundabout, where it turns right. We are now heading west-south-west along Roe Lane. So far our route has been signed as leading to Ormskirk, but at a signalized junction the B5276 heads off to the left, taking the traffic bound for that destination, and our road is now signed "Liverpool".

A few metres beyond that junction we cross a still just about discernible bridge over the former railway line to Crossens and, shortly thereafter, reach traffic lights by Leyland Road Methodist Church. Here the A5267 TOTSOs left into Harewood Road (the straight-ahead route is the B5245) and after heading south-east for less than 300 m swings right into St Luke's Road.

The Wigan to Southport railway line is soon crossed and, after that, the A570 at traffic lights. Our now generally south-westerly course is continued along Cemetery Road, which then becomes Eastbourne Road. At yet another set of lights we meet Liverpool Road, the original line of the A565, which we join by TOTSOing left here, and continue south. The rest of the route, now heading south by south-west, takes us through the Birkdale area of the town, eventually returning us, via a roundabout junction, to the present route of the A565.

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Botanic Road (A5267), Churchtown (C) David Dixon - Geograph - 2091943.jpg
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