A5 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD932804)
To:  Fauvic (XD975802)
Via:  St. Clement
Distance:  2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Meets:  A4, B47, B48, B49, B37, A4
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Route outline (key)
A5 St Helier - Fauvic
This article is about the Jersey A5.
For the British A5, see A5
For the Northern Irish A5, see A5 (Northern Ireland).
For the Manx A5, see A5 (Isle of Man).

The A5 heads east from St Helier along La Grande Route de Sainte-Clément.

Beginning at a fork junction on the A4 on the eastern edge of St Helier, south of Georgetown, the A5 heads east along Green Road. Before long there's a signalised crossroads with the B47 and shortly after that it passes between playing fields and a golf course. As we enter Le Rocquier there is a junction with the B48 and the road becomes urban again. Outside La Rocquier School, the road, which has been reasonably straight since the A4 junction, turns sharply left and widens to create a right-turn lane, before turning sharply right and narrowing again.

The road is soon, albeit briefly, passing between fields before the next urban area is reached. Outside the parish church of St Clement, we meet the B49. The roadside is then less densely settled, with a mix of houses, farms and fields. It feels urban, however, and there are new houses sprining p here and there as infill. As we near the end of the route, there is a crossroads with the B37, and then a short distance later the A5 ends at a T-Junction on the A4 in Fauvic, the coast lying a short distance beyond the houses opposite.

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A5 (Jersey)
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