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Location Map
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From:  Rotherham (SK490760)
To:  Clowne (SK430923)
Distance:  12.2 miles (19.6 km)
Meets:  A6021, A631, A57, A619, A616
Old route now:  B6417
Highway Authorities

Derbyshire • Rotherham

Traditional Counties

Derbyshire • Yorkshire

Route outline (key)
A618 Rotherham - Clowne
A618 Clowne - Pleasley


The A618 is a semi-rural A-road, mostly in Yorkshire.

Rotherham - Clowne

The road starts at a crossroads with the A6021 to the south of Rotherham town centre. We pass Rotherham General Hospital and cross the A631 at Whiston crossroads before going up a short, steep hill - complete with slow vehicle crawler lane - and then over the M1 to the east of J33.

After a few miles of WS2 over rolling hills, we drop down into Aughton which merges seamlessly into Swallownest, where we meet the junction of the old A57 at a give way. We turn left onto what was the old A57 (where the two roads would have briefly multiplexed before the village was bypassed in the early 1980s) before turning off to the right at a mini-roundabout. We continue for another mile or so to the current junction with the A57 Aston bypass, which has rather an odd layout. The A618 kinks right off its old alignment, meets the A57 at an at-grade give-way, multiplexes with it for about 50 yards and then diverges at a roundabout. The old northern stub of the A618's former alignment has now become an access road to a new housing development.

Passing underneath the M1

The road then travels past some nondescript factory units and the Rother Valley Country Park. The B6059 bears off to the left towards the town of Wales and then we reach Norwood on the outskirts of Killamarsh. A left turn at a mini roundabout and a sharp right-hand bend take us through the ex-mining village of High Moor to the access roads for the Woodall services on the M1, which is a secret junction as there are no barriers or other restrictions preventing you from using them. Also, the section immediately under the M1 has a suicide lane, albeit only for around 300 yards.

A winding, wooded section, followed by a narrower stretch with tight bends through farmland, brings us to the recently signalised at-grade crossroads with the A619. Another narrow section leads to Clowne, and a crossroad junction with the A616, complete with recently installed traffic lights. This is the current terminus of the A618; ahead is the B6417.

Original Author(s): Andie(Coasterjunkie) & A57_Rob


The A618 used to begin on the original line of the A632 right in Rotherham town centre and then run south along Corporation Street.

The junction with the A57 was originally a left-right staggered priority junction, with D1 dualling on the A57 through and either side of the junction. However, the eastern junction with the A618 southwards towards Clowne had a very bad accident record due to the high proportion of right-turn movements from both the A57 e/b to A618 s/b and from the A618 n/b to A57 e/b. In the late 1990s this junction was replaced with a roundabout. The western junction has been modified slightly so that all southbound traffic on the A618 must turn left; in order to go westbound on the A57 (very few movements anyway due to an alternative parallel route being available to the west) involves a u-turn around the roundabout.

Prior to the present terminus the original route carried straight over the crossroads in Clowne, through the village centre and on through Scarcliffe and Stony Houghton, passing the A632 at a staggered junction and eventually ending at the A617 at Pleasley. This section was renumbered as the B6417 in the 1960s.


A618 Whiston to Swallownest

An early evening drive southbound along the A618 between Whiston and Swallownest

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