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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Netherfield (SK625409)
To:  Arnold (SK577443)
Via:  Woodthorpe
Distance:  4.3 miles (6.9 km)
Meets:  A612, B686, B684, A60
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6211 Netherfield - Arnold
Towards Gedling

The A6211 forms a cobbled-together eastern bypass of Nottingham

A new bypass of Gedling is under construction - the tie-in with the A612 opened in December 2020, with the road itself expected to open in 2021.

The road starts at a signalised fork on the A612 Carlton bypass. The road heads north and zigzaged across the original A612 and entered Gedling. The route through the village has some very sharp bends and is rather narrow. A mini island by the village hall and church forms the other part of the main street and the link to the B686 and nearby Carlton. From here the route is marginally better. After skirting the edge of the church it widens slightly before the road to Lambley leaves, and the limit rises to 40. Now semi-rural the route is possibly now deserving of its status and after about a mile becomes NSL, descending a steep hill and then ascending an even steeper one to a signalled junction - at the top! - with the B684 (nice hill-start).

Now with a 30-limit again the road descends the other side of the ridge towards Arnold. Shortly before getting there the road turns sharply to the left at the bottom of the hill and a path continues on a curiously road-width alignment back up the hill to the right. The road to Arnold leaves at a set of lights and the A6211 continues along an alignment towards Woodthorpe, opened as an extension of Arno Vale Road (a residential street built in the early twentieth century) in 1976. This road is 30, but could do with being 40 since there are pedestrian tunnels and no houses. An island links a few unclassified roads including another way into Arnold before the A6211 continues for a short distance to its terminus, a signalled junction with the A60, just North of the A6514 (ring road) junction.

Presumably plans are afoot to run a road from the "set aside" strip to a new junction with the B684, then bypassing the whole Gedling stretch to the East before meeting the A612 Carlton bypass somewhere. Whether these will ever come to fruition, remains highly unlikely, but to be seen.

Original Author(s): Forestchav

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