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Nottingham Ring Road
From:  Nottingham University (SK545388)
To:  Arnold (SK578442)
Via:  Nottingham Ring Road
Distance:  4.6 miles (7.4 km)
Meets:  A52, A6200, A609, B690, A610, B682, A611, A60
Former Number(s):  A614
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6514 Nottingham Ring Road

The A6514 is the north-west part of the Nottingham Ring Road. Dual carriageway (almost) for its entire length, the road is a good quality urban D2 but for the entire length carries a 40 mph limit, mainly because there are several junctions, quite a few gaps, and most importantly it's also built up.


From the A52 diverge, the site of the University of Nottingham's North Entrance and the Queen's Medical Centre hospital, the A6514 begins travelling under a long underpass beneath the island. Slip roads join from the A52 island and the road continues northwards skirting the East edge of Wollaton Park (and some council houses) towards the A609 - turn left for Wollaton, the Park, and Ilkeston, and right - as ever - for the city centre. This island presumably used to be a double island but now has been altered to an elongated oval-shaped single island. It's on this island that there is a pub (the Crown, giving the island its name) and just off the former site of the Raleigh cycle works, now also part of the University. The A6514, however, continues northwards.

The next major junction is over a railway bridge shortly after the aforementioned Crown Island and is a perpendicular signal-controlled junction with filter lanes with an unclassified D2 - heading towards Beechdale and ultimately Bilborough and Strelley (loads more council houses!) and up to the B6004 near the proposed original northern terminus of the M42. Continuing on, we meet a signalised crossroads (rebuilt from a roundabout in 2013) with the B690 linking with Aspley (more council housing) and inwards a useful shortcut to the A610 - the road met next, at a signalled junction, rather convoluted, which presumably used to be an island. This is the main route to the M1 northwards from Nottingham, is littered with Specs (as is the A6514) but is well-used - most of the route from there is a dual carriageway; however most of that is under a 40 limit.

Ring Road Congestion

Continuing on, the A6514 is now firmly in Whitemoor and heading towards Basford. A bridge over the tram line and Robin Hood Line is S4 but this is only for about 200 yards. Then we meet the B682 (twice - one of them is a spur as that route used to be the A611) at two signalled junctions the first of which enters Radford by a DriveThru McDonalds and the second heads into Sherwood. The B682 to the North heads into Highbury Vale, then Bulwell, before looping round the North of Bulwell towards the A611.

From here the road quickly passes through Basford - an island with the A611 (to Hucknall) is followed with another with an unclassified road (to Bestwood) - before meeting its terminus, a signalled junction with the A60 towards Arnold, Mansfield and all points North.

There are Specs at regular intervals for the entire length of the road between the A52 and A611 roundabouts.


Originally the whole route from the A606 in West Bridgford to the end of the A6514 in Daybrook was numbered A614 and then multiplexed with the A60 from Daybrook to Redhill island where the two routes now diverge. However, when the section linking the A606 island with the A52 at Gamston was opened on 1981, the A52 through Nottingham was renumbered as A6200 and A6011 and then the A52 sent round the ring road - leading to a TOTSO at the QMC island where the A6514 now begins.

Original opening dates can be found at Nottingham Outer Ring Road.

In early 2010, the signage along the A6514 was replaced, including the route confirmation signs (RCS) at each end. Originally the number of the road was not shown anywhere on the route; however the RCSs at each end now show the number at the top of the sign, as opposed to just "Ring Road" (see above picture for an example of the old sign). The mileages to each destination are all in brackets still, as you would still have to travel on another road to reach them all.


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