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From:  Chester-le-Street (NZ278524)
To:  Leadgate (NZ139523)
Via:  Stanley
Distance:  10.1 miles (16.3 km)
Meets:  A183, A1(M), A167, A6076, A692
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Route outline (key)
A693 Chester-le-Street - Leadgate


The A693, a medium-length A-road in County Durham, is almost entirely bypass, including an entire new route built in the 1980s.

Chester-le-Street - Leadgate

The road starts at junction 63 of the A1(M) on a signed multiplex with the A167 (although in the other direction the road is wholly the A693). The A167 turns right at the Newcastle Road roundabout, then the new-build alignment starts. It heads west, up and over the East Coast Main Line, with two lanes west and one east. The two lanes narrow briefly before re-appearing for the Pelton/Perkinsville roundabout.

The next intersection is where the old road appears for the first time. It joins on the left from Pelton, then leaves to the right for Handenhold and Beamish. The old road runs parallel on your right for a stretch, with another crossing from West Pelton soon after. Then we come to the Beamish Museum roundabout, with the Museum to the right and the old road going up to No Place on your left. The roundabout itself was built around 1997 to ease access to the Beamish Museum. Previously Beamish-bound traffic had to turn off before this junction and travel through Beamish village itself before reaching the entrance to the museum.

We are given two lanes for the climb up to Stanley where the old road merges and drops to 30 mph. On the right is a relatively new route towards Tanfield and Gateshead. Next up is the first of two Stanley roundabouts, taking the A6076 to Newcastle. The A693 continues on the Stanley Bypass, a 40 mph dual carriageway which includes a multiplex wiht the A6076. Shortly is the Asda roundabout, where the B6532 leaves for Durham. The old Front Street joins for a stretch, just before the South Moor turn-off, and leaves just after for Annfield Plain to the right.

Greencroft Footbridge

The Annfield Plain Bypass hits a roundabout where the A6076 reappears to leave for Lanchester and Durham on the left, and continues towards Consett, with the old road joining once again before the A693 actually follows its original route for nearly a mile before reaching its conclusion at the A692.

Recent Changes

In 2011 a new roundabout was added to improve access into Drum Industrial Estate.

In 2014 a number of changes were made to Pelton/Perkinsville roundabout. Originally it was a mini-roundabout which caused a number of tailbacks in both directions along the A693 and into Pelton. The mini roundabout was closed and a larger roundabout was created using part of the D1 after the roundabout, significantly improving traffic flow. This was part of the Governments Pinch Point program.

Original A693

The original A693 started at the northern end of Front Street in Chester-Le-Street on the original A1. The route was completely realigned over in the 1980's and 1990's mostly to accommodate access into Beamish Museum. Chester-Le-Street Northern Bypass was added to provide access directly to the new A1(M) and Pelton bypass was also added. New bypasses of Beamish, Stanley and Annfield Plain completed the new alignment.

JunctionsBlind Lane Interchange
PlacesChester-le-Street • Consett
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