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A6 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD926797)
To:  St Martin (XD963758)
Via:  Five Oaks, Grand Chemins, Maufant
Distance:  3.7 miles (6 km)
Meets:  A3, A7, B30
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6 St Helier - St Martin
This article is about the Jersey A6.
For the British A6, see A6
For the Northern Irish A6, see A6 (Northern Ireland).
For the Manx A6, see A6 (Isle of Man).

Near the start of the A6

The A6 starts in a confusion in the east of St Heliers town centre area. It would appear that the first section of the route follows Don Road, a narrow, one-way eastbound street, which forms two different pieces of the ring road. As it heads east, the street becomes wider, with first two then three lanes to accommodate turning traffic at the junction at Howard Davis Park, where it meets the A3, the historic route of which continued further west into the town centre, passing the western end of the A6.

From Howard Davis Park, the A6 wiggles around to the north, on Mont Millais, running up between a number of grand buildings housing schools, both private and States. At Five Oaks, the eastern end of the A7 is passed, and also the B28, and soon after the A6 finally escapes the urban area and runs through fields for a little while, before reaching Maufant. The village is quickly passed, but the gap to St Martin is shorter and more developed. Here the route ends, opposite the church, on the B30.

A6 (Jersey)
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