A7 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD925796)
To:  Five Oaks (XD941780)
Via:  St. Saviour
Distance:  1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Meets:  A3, A14, A6
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Route outline (key)
A7 St Helier - St Saviours Hill
This article is about the Jersey A7.
For the British A7, see A7
For the Northern Irish A7, see A7 (Northern Ireland).
For the Manx A7, see A7 (Isle of Man).

The A7 starts in the centre of St Helier and runs north east through the urban area to Five Oaks at St Saviour. For almost half it's length, it forms the eastern flank of St Helier's ring road.

Starting on Snow Hill, amongst the shops of the town centre, Hill Street was formerly, and indeed may still be, the line of the A3 through the town. The A7 quickly turns north east onto La Motte Street, and is one way out of the town centre to St Saviours Road. Turning left, the road is now part of the ring road, the B79 continuing to the south. Various other B roads are passed as the A7 battles out of the town, eventually reaching the A14, which takes over as the northern flank of the ring road. The A7 now follows the meandering St Saviours Hill, past Government House and St Saviour's Church, before straightening up as it heads east to the A6 at Five Oaks.

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A7 (Jersey)
JunctionsFive Oaks (Jersey)
PlacesSt Helier
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