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From:  Lochmaddy (Loch nam Madadh) (NF919679)
To:  Lochboisdale (Loch Baghasdail) (NF795192)
Meets:  Pier, A867, B893, A867, B892, B891, B892, B890, B888, Pier
Highway Authorities

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar



Route outline (key)
A865 Lochmaddy - Lochboisdale


The A865 is the main north-south road from Lochmaddy to Lochboisdale. It is mainly single-track and crosses between islands via bridges and causeways.

North Uist (Uibhist a Tuath)

Looking west through Sollas

On North Uist, the A865 makes a tour of the Island, leaving the A867 to make the direct North-South link. Starting in Lochmaddy, the Ferry Port for the ferry to Uig on Skye, we run along the north coast of the island, passing the B893 which links to the Isle of Berneray and the Sound of Harris Ferry, through the townships of Sruth Mòr, Grenitote (Greinetobht), Sollas (Solas), Malaclete (Malacleit), Cladach Bhàlaigh, Griminish (Griminis), Balmartin (Baile Mhàrtainn), Tigharry (Tigh a' Ghearraidh), Balranald (Baile Raghnill), Paiblesgarry (Paiblesgearraidh), Bayhead (Ceann a' Bhàigh), Cladach Kyles (Cladach a' Chaolais), Cladach Kirkibost (Cladach Chirceboist), and Cladach Illeray (Cladach Iolaraigh). Eventually, the southern end of the A867 is reached at Clachan na Luib, and the A865 winds its way southwards through the townships of Cladach Baleshare (Cladach a' Bhaile Shear) and Carinish (Cairinis) to the North Causeway, which crosses the North Ford to Grimsay and Benbecula.

Benbecula (Beinn nam Faoghla)

After a brief stop on the Isle of Grimsay (Griomasaigh), the North Causeway reaches Benbecula (Beinn nam Faoghla) at the township of Gramsdale (Gramasdail), and pretty much bisects the island, north to south. To the east, are a few scattered dwellings, mainly along the coast, and served by an unclassified route in the north and the B891 in the south. To the west is the Uists' biggest town, Balivanich (Baile a' Mhanaich), where there is a high school, supermarket, hospital, hotels and the airport. This small town is served by the B892 which loops around the west coast.

The A865 at Creagorry

With several connecting roads to the west, and hardly any to the east, the A865 makes its lonely way south to the southern end of the B892. This is met just after the B891, which runs to the east coast. We then pass another supermarket at Creagorry (Creag Ghoraidh) and reach the South Causeway across the South Ford to South Uist.

South Uist (Uibhist a Deas)

After crossing the South Causeway, the A865 passes turnings to Iochdar, Loch Carnan (Loch a Charnain) and across the Loch Bì causeway to Gerinish (Geirinis). We then reach the B890 to Loch Sgioport at Grogarry (Groigearraidh).

The A865 on South Uist

There are now several miles with only right (west) turns, leading to the scattered communities of the Machair. On the main route, we pass Stilligarry (Stadhlaigearraidh), Dramsdale (Dreumasdal), Howmore (Tobha Mòr), Howbeg (Tobha Beag) and the Lady of The Isles Statue.

After passing the Uists' highest point of Ben More, another left turn leads to Loch Eynort/ We pass the townships of Bornish (Bornais), Kildonan (Cill Donnain), Flora MacDonald's birthplace, Garryvaltas (Gearraidh Bhailteas), Askernish (Aisgernis), and then at last we reach something approaching a village at Daliburgh (Dalabrog). Here are a school, supermarket, hotel and a former hospital. The B888 also turns off here or, to be more precise, continues southwards while the A865 turns left, heading east through North Lochboisdale (Ceann a Tuath Loch Baghasdail) for Lochboisdale (Loch Baghasdail).

Lochboisdale is the island's Ferry Port, connecting to Oban, and possibly in the future to Mallaig. There is a tourist office, bank, shops and hotel.

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SectionsA865/Benbecula • A865/North Uist • A865/South Uist
CrossingsBerneray Causeway • Loch Bee Causeway • Lochboisdale Ferry • North Ford Causeway • South Ford Causeway • Uig - North Uist Ferry
PlacesLoch Baghasdail • Loch nam Madadh
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