A882 (John o Groats)

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From:  Wick (ND361506)
To:  Thurso (ND118680)
Via:  John o' Groats
Distance:  35.6 miles (57.3 km)
Met (1932) A88, B876, B875, B876, A88
Former Number(s):  A88, B875, B876
Now part of:  A836, A99
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A882 Wick - Thurso
This article is about the original A882 between Thurso and Wick, via John o' Groats.
For the current A882 also between Thurso and Wick, taking the direct route, see A882


The original A882 was the northeasternmost road on the British mainland, taking a roundabout route between the two main towns of Caithness.

Wick - Thurso

Starting on the A88 in the centre of Wick the road headed north our of town along a more-or-less straight road as far as Reiss. Here the road turned right to remain the closest road to the coast, never more than half a mile from the sea to the right. Continuing through Keiss and Nybster the road approached the coast more closely but after passing Freswick Bay the coast turned off to the right whilst the road continued ahead.

Heading north on the A99 (former A882)

A few bends took the A882 to John o'Groats where the B875 continued ahead through the village to the north coast. The A882 turned left here, however, now heading west but very close to the sea once again. After passing the Castle of Mey the road remained straight to avoid the detour to Dunnet Head, meeting the coast again at Dunnet Bay which was followed as far as Castletown. An almost dead-straight section on the far side of the village led to Thurso and the end of the road, back on the A88.


The A882 did not exist in the original 1922 Road Lists. On classification the A88 ran from Wick to Thurso via Reiss and Castletown, with the B875 heading north and the B876 heading east to meet in John o'Groats. Later in the 1920s the A88 was rerouted to the south and the A882 came into being, taking over the two ends of that road together with the two Class II roads to John o'Groats.

Things changed again in 1935. The A88 was abolished, being taken over by an extension to the A9. That road detoured after Wick, however, going to John o'Groats rather than Thurso, thus taking over half of the A882; the other half became an extension of the A836 north coast road. As such the original A882 was abolished, although the number was reused at the same time for that part of the A88 which didn't become part of the A9, meaning that the A882 number still connected Wick and Thurso albeit by a shorter route.

In more recent years the A9 has been rerouted to Thurso instead of Wick and so the ex-A882 from Wick to John o' Groats is now numbered A99.

A882 (John o Groats)
JunctionsJohn o Groats
PlacesJohn o Groats • Thurso • Wick
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