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From:  Brechin (NO601598)
To:  Arbroath (NO640413)
Distance:  13.7 miles (22 km)
Meets:  A935, A934, B9113, A932, B965, B961, B9095, B9127, A92
Old route now:  A935, B9095
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Route outline (key)
A933 Brechin – Arbroath
A933 Branch to Arbroath Bypass (S)

The A933 is a north-south road in east Angus, connecting two of the county's largest towns, Brechin and Arbroath.


The route starts at a rather nondescript T-junction on the A935 to the south east of Brechin town centre, and slowly winds its way out of the former cathedral city of Brechin, dropping down the narrow Witchden Road before turning left onto the wider River Street. It is soon running along the north bank of the River South Esk before crossing it on the narrow Brechin Bridge. After a short climb from the bridge, the road turns sharply to the east, taking a wide sweeping route up the rest of the hill, while an unclassified road takes the direct route and is presumably the old road although it's never been the A933.

As the A933 heads south, it starts with a series of tight bends, but the straights between get longer and longer before the map shows a straight extending to nearly three miles through the forestry of Monthreathmont Moor. However, it is not straight in the other dimension, with undulations and tiny wiggles preventing a full three miles of visibility! About half way along, lies the staggered crossroads with the A934 and B9113, linking to Montrose and Forfar. More noticeable kinks connect the next couple of straight sections, before the road takes an obvious bend to meet the A932 and B965. This junction has also been re-aligned, with the old railway embankment being cleared out to move the A932 north, away from the old bridge.

Apart from a few roadside houses, the A933 has so far been a very rural road, crossing fields and passing through forestry. Friockheim, although largely lying to the east along the B965 is the first village the route has met, and as it continues south, the road more regularly passes houses and farms. To start with, however, once Friockheim is passed, the route enjoys another series of long straights, although nothing getting close to the three miles! The small village of Colliston is formed of a long row of houses alongside the A933 and just as many scattered across the surrounding fields, and then the airbase appears on the left, surrounded by razor wire and with accommodation blocks hidden in the trees, this is now the edge of Arbroath, as the town has grown out to the southern perimeter of the base.

A large industrial estate marks the entrance to the town proper, with the cemetery soon appearing on the right. Just beyond, the first right turn is the branch of the A933 that circles around the west of the town, while the mainline continues ahead through the suburbs on Cairnie Road. This becomes Cairnie Street, passing a right turn for the B964, before reaching a roundabout outside a supermarket. Continuing ahead on Guthrie Port, the route crosses the railway, passes another Supermarket, and comes to an end on the dualled A92 to the northwest of the town centre and Abbey.

What is now a spur of the A933 in Arbroath is, in fact, closer to the original route, as the first section along Keptie Road was originally the line of the A933. However, the spur then TOTSOs with the B9095) onto Westway, a new built route circling around the west side of town, to join the A92 at the mini roundabout next to the retail park.


The route has been changed at both ends, although the bulk of it has seen only localised improvements and widening. It originally started on the original route of the A94 in Brechin town centre before heading along Southesk Street, and Montrose Street to its current starting point. With the construction of the towns bypass, it was decided that it was more logical to extend the A935 across the town to reach the western junction of the bypass, thus creating a single route to Montrose. This therefore saw the A933 curtailed to its current length.

In Arbroath, the original route actually ran between the two current branches. As noted above, it turned right onto Keptie Road then continued along what is now the B9095, including the TOTSO by Keptie Pond and so on to Keptie Street. This becomes West Port to reach the B9114. However, prior to redevelopment, the route was able to continue ahead along what is now West Grimsby / Grimsby Place and through the modern housing to end on the A92 by the harbour, roughly where the roundabout lies.

The 1922 MOT Road List defines this route as: Arbroath - Brechin

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