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From:  Peterhead (NK127460)
To:  New Pitsilgo (NW) (NJ869570)
Distance:  19.2 miles (30.9 km)
Meets:  A982, A90, A952, B9030, B9106, A981, B9093, A98
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Route outline (key)
A950 Peterhead Harbour - Peterhead
A950 Peterhead - New Pitsilgo
Main Street, Longside

The A950 is a useful cross-country route in north Aberdeenshire.


It begins at a roundabout junction with the A982 in the Kirktown district of Peterhead and heads west along Kirk Street then West Road which has service roads for the properties to either side. Climbing gently, the road is lined with houses, mostly early twentieth century detached bungalows, built from varying shades of the local brown stone. Further out these give way to modern housing backing on to the A950 with wide grass verges. After a couple of roundabouts serving these housing estates, the road crosses the A90 bypass at the Howe O'Buchan Roundabout.

Once across the bypass, the road is out in open country, crossing fields and running to the south of Longside Airfield (on the site of the former RAF Peterhead). This area is dotted with small industrial and commercial sites, mostly converted from old farms, and clustered round the airfield. A sweeping bends then leads to a long, tree lined straight past Flushing and on to Longside itself, a sizeable village through which the road winds on Longside Road and Main Street. The road through the village isn't particularly wide, and a couple of the bends are quite tight, made to feel narrower by the old stone houses standing just back from the pavement. Beyond the village, the road dips slightly to cross the South Ugie Water and then winds gently westwards to Mintlaw.

The town centre sits around the old Square, which has been converted into a sizeable roundabout. It is here that the A950 crosses the A952, a route which provides the direct route from Aberdeen to Fraserburgh, and so is often busy with lorries. Mintlaw is not a particularly big place, but the A950 runs for around a mile along Station Road with its mixture of industrial sites and pockets of housing before reaching the end of the urban area. The route next passes the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum and Deer Abbey (both on the left), with the small village of Old Deer a short distance along the B9030 before turning more north-westwards. The route becomes twistier as it winds across fields between low hills. It is slowly gaining height, but is never steep.

Passing through New Pitsligo

The B9106 turns off to the left to Maud, after which the road straightens up a little as it passes through some forestry. Then the road is joined (from the left) by the A981, which soon leaves (to the right) after a short multiplex to go to Fraserburgh. Still climbing slowly, the road becomes twistier once more, winding up a shallow valley past scattered farms and houses. After a sweeping double bend at Cairnhigh, it climbs the hill more directly, reaching a summit of around 155m before dipping slightly past the B9093 junction into New Pitsligo. This planned village is laid out on a grid, but the A950 enters at an acute angle, before kinking right to follow the long High Street, lined with old grey cottages. There is a slight pause in the village as the road crosses a wooded burn, with the High Street continuing beyond at a slightly different angle, climbing now. Once out of the village, there are just three sweeping bends left before the route ends at a T-junction with the A98 northwest of the village.


The route of the A950 has hardly changed since it was first classified in 1922. The most significant change is that it originally started some 850m further east at Peterhead harbour before heading west along Bridge Street, Broad Street and the now-pedestrianised Marischal Street to Errol Street. Once out of town, there are two old loops to the south on the long straight after the bypass. The first is abandoned and overgrown, the second retained as property access. Continuing west, a couple of junctions seem to have been improved and the tiny settlement at Bridge of Faichfield has been bypassed - although this probably had more to do with replacing the bridge! Beyond Longside, there is slight evidence of improvements to bends and junctions, such as the layby near the Braehead junction but nothing substantial.

At the western end of Mintlaw, the overgrown and abandoned loop for the old railway bridge emerges in a small parking area at the junction. The final improvements lie either side of New Pitsligo, where first the B9093 junction has been realigned. The bends to the north of the village have also been realigned, with a lengthy old loop through the trees to the south of the new road line.

The 1922 MOT Road List defines this route as: Peterhead - New Pitsligo - Junction with A98

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