Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

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Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route
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From:  Charlestown Interchange, Cove Bay (NJ930003)
To:  Blackdog Junction (NJ955147)
Aberdeenshire • Kincardineshire
Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
On road(s)
A90 • A956

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is a 22-mile expressway situated to the west of Aberdeen and running between Stonehaven and Blackdog. It forms part of the A90 route between Edinburgh and Fraserburgh. It includes a link road (technically the southern leg of the route, with the road to Stonehaven forming the Fastlink section of the project), an extension of the A956, between Cleanhill Roundabout and the Charlestown Interchange.

The old route of the A90 was designated its original A92 number. There was a protracted legal fight over the road and whether the inquiry process was sufficient.

The road is a dual two-lane carriageway with fully grade-separated junctions throughout, with the exception of Cleanhill Junction (a roundabout), and the terminating junctions at either end (Stonehaven Junction and Blackdog Junction). There is also a short D3 section between the North Kingswells Junction and the Craibstone Junction for the A96.



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  • The Motorways Traffic (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 - These Regulations amend the Motorways Traffic (Scotland) Regulations 1995 (“the 1995 Regulations”) which regulate the use of motorways in Scotland. These Regulations amend the schedule of the 1995 Regulations to add the special roads comprising the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route to the special roads excepted from the application of the 1995 Regulations, as the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is not a motorway.

Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route
JunctionsBlackdog Junction • Charleston Interchange • Cleanhill Roundabout • Craibstone Junction • Deeside Junction • Goval Junction • Kingswells North Junction • South Kingswells Junction • Stonehaven Junction
RoadsA90 • A956
PlacesAberdeen • Stonehaven
MiscellaneousAberdeen Airport
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