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Abnormal Load Routes

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Over the years a network of routes for heavy and high loads has been maintained by the government department responsible for the trunk road network. The Highways Agency currently maintains a system called ESDAL (Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads) for management of heavy and high loads in England and Wales. Current legislation requires that vehicles and load movements that exceed standard dimensions need to be pre-notified to police, highway and bridge authorities, a process that previously involved millions of faxes being sent every year.

These routes are not signed on the public highway.

Vehicle Classifications

Classification 12 Axles - Gross Trailer Weight 14 Axles - Gross Trailer Weight
A+ 406.04T 480.60T
A 325.12T 360.68T
B 280.42T 315.98T
C 269.24T 304.80T
D 264.16T 299.72T
E 259.08T 294.64T
F 223.52T 259.08T
M25 300,000kg N/A

High load grid routes have a 18' or 20' vehicle running height.


Highways Agency

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