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Achiltibuie Road End

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Aciltibuie Road End
Location Map ( geo)
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Drumrunie, Strathkanaird
Highway Authority
Junction Type
T Junction
Roads Joined
A835, unclassified
Junctions related to the A835

Achiltibuie Road End may seem like an insignificant little junction with an unclassified road in the middle of nowhere, which indeed it is, but it is also the only junction with a through road on the A835 between Ullapool and Ledmore Junction, a distance of around 17 miles. This is Coigach, in the north west Highlands, a barren and beautiful place of enjoyable roads, little traffic, and few junctions. Therefore, for many thousands of tourists every year, the prospect of exploring the road out to Achiltibuie is a must, and so this junction is important after all.

The junction itself is a simple T junction, with a rather incongruous layby / left turn lane space on the northbound side of the A835. There is no compensating right turn lane on the southbound side of the road, but perhaps there is less traffic turning left, most traffic using the unclassfied road via Achiltibuie as an alternative route between Ullapool and Lochinver.


Route To Notes


Ullapul / Ullapool, Inbhir Nis / Inverness (A9))


Ledmore Junction, Lochinver (A837)
Achiltibuie, The Summer Isles Tourist route to Lochinver (length limit)

Achiltibuie Road End
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