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Alveston Manor Roundabout

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Alveston Manor Roundabout
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A422, A3400
Junctions related to the A3400

Alveston Manor Roundabout is a small roundabout in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is named after the hotel that lies next to the junction.


Big changes were planned for junction between 1965 and the early 1970s. Traffic congestion was becoming a major problem with two major trunk roads passing through Stratford. Things were made worse by the junction being on the only river crossing for several miles either side of the town meaning all north-south traffic had to pass through it.

The plan was to considerably enlarge the roundabout so it would completely surround the hotel. A new bridge would be built to relieve the existing Clopton Bridge of through traffic and this would carry a dual carriageway connecting to the enlarged roundabout. The hotel owners had no objection to this and the plan was supported by the local and county councils.

By the early 1970s there were concerns about the roundabout scheme and an alternative traffic light system was planned. The new bridge and dual carriageway were still part of the scheme but the hotel would now be surrounded on only three sides. However the traffic light scheme would reach capacity much earlier than the roundabout despite the similar overall environmental impact for the two schemes. No final decision seems to have been made before the scheme was abandoned.


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Town centre


Shipston, Broadway (B4632)



Alveston Manor Roundabout
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