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Arboretum Interchange

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Arboretum Interchange
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Landsdown, Worcester
Junction Type
Roads Joined
Central Spine Motorway, Malvern Radial Motorway

Arboretum Interchange was a planned junction near the centre of Worcester and was to be the hub of the planned motorway network for the city. It would have been the first part of the network to be built along with the bridge over the River Severn.

At least five different layouts are known for the junction. They are all variations of the Directional-T design and vary according to which route has the mainline through the junction. Three of these designs are known to have progressed to the selection stage and are shown below but it's unclear if a final design was chosen before the entire motorway system was scrapped in December 1972.


Route To Notes


M5(N), Droitwich, Kidderminster


M5(S), Tewkesbury


Hereford, Leominster, Malvern, Tenbury

Arboretum Interchange
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