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Ascension Island/Ariane Road

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Ariane Road
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From:  Two Boats
To:  Ariane Tracking Station
Distance:  2.5 miles (4 km)
Highway Authorities

Ascension Island Government
Error: Ascension Island Government is not a highway authority

This is one of the newer roads on the island, only having been surfaced to provide access to the Ariane Station when it was being built. It is also the only road to be single track throughout. Also known as the North East Bay Road, it is likely that the road already existed as a dirt road to provide access to this barely populated corner of the island.

The start of the Ariane Road in Two Boats

Starting by the shop in Two Boats, there is a well-hidden sign post pointing the way when you know what to look for! You cross a cattle grid as you leave the village, skirt the bottom of the prominet Sister's Peaks group of hills and then head out into the wilderness. The road is lined with an avenue of trees, as well as the common thorn bushes, but not so densely that the surrounding landscape can't be seen, Whilst not as interesting as some other parts of the island, it is still an interetsing landscape, through which the road has to wind between boulders and across the usually dry guts of streams. The road becomes slightly twistier as it descnds towards the expansive beach of North East Bay (another beach generally safe for swimming, but a short hike from the road) and then comes to what looks like a TOTSO. Don't carry on, as the dirt road seems to stop almost immediately, instead turn sharp right and head for the buildings of the tracking station. Here a large parking area allows exploration of the rocks and beaches below, including a draatic blowhole.

Ascension Island/Ariane Road
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