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Ashton Gate

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Ashton Gate
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Ashton Gate, Bristol
Highway Authority
Roads Joined
A369, A3029, A370
Junctions related to the A369
Junctions related to the A370
Junctions related to the A3029
ADS sign approaching from the north

Just like its neighbour, the Cumberland Basin, to the north, Ashton Gate is a complicated junction which tries to be free-flowing. The main movement is from the A370 / A3029 multiplex heading out of Bristol onto the A370 Long Ashton Bypass, or vice-versa. Sliproads from the city centre also lead onto the A3029, Winterstoke Road which connects to the A38 and A4174 Avon Ring Road. The A369 Portishead Road is subsequently a poor-relation with a mass of sliproads meeting at a roundabout, where priority is given to traffic coming from the junction over that circulating on the roundabout itself.

Despite this tangle, the junction does manage to be full access, with all movements possible, although traffic wishing to turn right from the A369 onto the A370 does have rather a detour via the A3029 to endure, and some of the other movements are only catered for via the A369 roundabout.

The whole area can become very busy, not just at rush hour, but also on Saturday afternoons. It's something to do with a football stadium, apparently... Oh yes, and underneath the junction is the freight line to Portbury docks!


Route To Notes


City Centre (A4), Avonmouth, (M5 North)


Taunton (A38), Bath (A4), Wells (A37), Bristol Airport, Park and Ride (Long Ashton)


Portishead, Bower, Ashton, U.W.E.


Weston-s-Mare, Motorway (M5), Clevedon (B3128)


The SOUTH WEST (M5), Weston, Clevedon, Nailsea

Ashton Gate
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