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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Galleywood (TL704030)
To:  Moulsham (TL714059)
Via:  Great Baddow
Distance:  2.2 miles (3.5 km)
Meets:  B1007, A138, A1060, A1114
Former Number(s):  A130
Old route now:  A1060, A414
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1009 Galleywood – Moulsham
B1009 Great Baddow – Maldon


The B1009 approaching Great Baddow

The B1009 is a short link road through the suburbs of Chelmsford.

The road starts on the B1007 on the edge of Galleywood and heads northeast to Great Baddow. Here, it turns left at a mini-roundabout to end on the The Army and Navy Roundabout in Moulsham, where it meets the A138, A1060, and A1114. The section following Baddow Road between Great Baddow and Moulsham was originally part of the A130 and was renumbered B1009 when the bypass was built.


The road described above was unclassified in 1922 but was numbered as a western extension of the B1009 in the early 1930s. For a few years, therefore, the B1009 had a short multiplex with the A130 through Great Baddow before heading out east.

The B1009 in 1932

Originally, the B1009 started on the A130 in Great Baddow. It then headed east through Danbury and Woodham Mortimer (where it met the B1010) before heading into Maldon. It entered the town along Spital Road before ending on the B1018 in the High Street.

The extended B1009 did not last long; in 1935 the section between Great Baddow and Maldon was renumbered as an extension of the A414. Owing to renumberings in Chelmsford, part of the road is now the eastern end of the A1060; meanwhile the B1009 has been extended west along the former A130, following a road that would otherwise have been declassified after construction of the Great Baddow bypass.


Army and Navy Flyover Removal

Full video showing the removal of the Army and Navy Flyover, Chelmsford. After being a feature of Chelmsford’s skyline for more than 40 years, works to remove the flyover over the Army and Navy Roundabout were completed in April 2020. Work started in February 2020 with the steel and concrete flyover taken down section by section before being transported away for dismantling and recycling. All 15 of the structure's spans were removed overnight to minimise traffic disruption, while the two ramps were broken up and removed during the day time to avoid excessive noise at night.

Watch video > >

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Part of the B1009, approaching Great Baddow - Geograph - 1717625.jpg
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