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From:  Bromeswell (TM303502)
To:  Orford (TM424495)
Via:  Rendlesham Forest
Distance:  9.2 miles (14.8 km)
Meets:  A1152, B1078, River Ore
Old route now:  A1152
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Route outline (key)
B1084 Melton - Bromeswell
B1084 Bromeswell - Orford

The B1084 is a rural and largely wooded B-road in eastern Suffolk, linking the market town of Woodbridge with the coast.

Originally, the B1084 started on the A12 (present B1438) in the centre of Melton. With the building of the A12 Woodbridge and Melton bypass, the B1084 was extended westwards to meet the new A12, making it zigzag along the B1438 in Melton. However, this western section was later renumbered A1152 and so the B1084 now starts on the edge of Bromeswell where the A1152 TOTSOs onto what was the B1069.

To begin with, at least, the B1084 runs largely east-west and is more-or-less flat. Leaving Bromeswell behind, it enters and leaves the irregularly shaped Rendlesham Forest a number of times before turning to the north and descending into the tiny village of Butley, where a stream is crossed. This detour to the north allows the B1084 to go round the top of the Butley River rather than having to cross it.

Tunstall Forest

On the far side of Butley, the B1084 turns sharply to the right, heading east once again. We pass another wood and pass through the scattered village of Chillesford. On the edge of Tunstall Forest, the B1078 joins us from the north at an easy-to-miss junction. After passing through another clearing, we come to a junction (called Five Cross Ways) where six roads (one private) meet and we have to give way, turning right to stay on the B1084. This is the edge of the village of Sudbourne, which lies to the north.

Now heading more-or-less southwards, we continue for about half a mile before entering the village of Orford. This is by far the largest settlement on the route of the B1084. We bear to the left by the primary school passing along Front Street. At the end of this road we reach the main square adjacent to the town hall. Traffic for the Castle turns right but the B1084 zigzags to the left past the church and into Church Street. At the next crossroads, we enter Quay Street, denoting our final destination.

The B1084 travels the entire length of Quay Street, an attractive, albeit narrow, tree-lined lane. Near the end, we have to TOTSO again, as staying on the road leads to the left into Orford's main car park. We rise over the sea wall and bend slightly to enter Orford Quay. The B1084 seems to aim for the slipway leading into the River Ore. Orford Ness, now owned by the National Trust but famously used for Ministry of Defence tests during the Cold War, is on the far side of the river.

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