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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Sproughton (TM124436)
To:  Harford Bridge, Norwich (TG219050)
Via:  Needham Market, Bacton, New Buckenham
Distance:  50.8 miles (81.8 km)
Meets:  A1071, B1067, A14, B1078, A1120, A1308, B1115, A143, A1066, B1077, A140
Former Number(s):  A1100, A45, A143
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Norfolk • Suffolk

Traditional Counties

Norfolk • Suffolk

Route outline (key)
B1113 Sproughton - Burntmill Hill
B1113 (Spur) Link road in Claydon
(A1308) Burntmill Hill - Stowmarket
B1113 Stowmarket - Rickinghall Bypass
(A143) Rickinghall Bypass - Botesdale Bypass
B1113 Botesdale Bypass - South Lopham
B1113 South Lopham - New Buckenham
B1113 New Buckenham - Harford Bridge, Norwich
Near Bramford

The B1113 is a long rural B-road in East Anglia, considerably longer than it originally was.

The southern end of the B1113 is its most recent part. With the upgrading of roads in the Ipswich area, the B1113 has taken over the pre-bypass route of the roads between Ipswich and Stowmarket. It therefore starts on the A1071 to the west of Ipswich then travels north along the ex-A1100 as far as Great Blakenham, when it becomes the pre-bypass A45. A spur in Claydon, just to the south, links the road to the A45 bypass, now numbered A14.

Continuing north of Great Blakenham, the B1113 passes through Needham Market and then gets to Stowmarket, where it multiplexes with several roads in the town centre to regain its original starting point. It leaves Stowmarket to the north by going under the A14 with no junction and then going through Finningham to meet the A143 Rickinghall Bypass. Originally, of course, the B1113 went straight into the village and actually ended there in 1922.

In the early 1920s the B1113 was extended and so multiplexes east along the A143 for a short distance (the original route has been bypassed but the multiplex remains and the present route of the B1113 follows the pre-bypass A143 for a short distance) before striking off north once more through Redgrave, where it crosses the infant River Waveney into Norfolk. Soon afterwards, it reaches the A1066 where it disappears.

The 1920s extension included a section of B1113 north of here through Kenninghall and Banham to New Buckenham. However, this section was declassified in the 2000s and so traffic wishing to follow a classified road must deviate via Diss.

The B1113 reappears in New Buckenham on the B1077 and heads northeast through Tacolneston (pronounced Tackle-stun) and Mulbarton before going under the A47 Norwich bypass and ending soon afterwards on the banks of the River Yare on the A140.

NCN51 • RM3
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