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From:  Sudbury (TL868409)
To:  Stowupland (TM066595)
Via:  Monks Eleigh, Stowmarket
Distance:  23.5 miles (37.8 km)
Meets:  A131, A134, B1071, A1141, B1078, A1308, B1113, A1120
Former Number(s):  B1071, B1072, B1073, B1114
Old route now:  A1120, B1119
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1115 Sudbury – Monks Eleigh
(A1141) Monks Eleigh
B1115 Monks Eleigh – Stowupland
B1115 (Spur) Bildeston – Semer
B1115 Stowupland - Framlingham - Leiston

The B1115 is a rural B-road in Suffolk, considerably displaced from its original 1922 route.


B1115 road junction

The B1115 now starts in Sudbury. It runs northeastwards out of town, crossing the A134 bypass at a roundabout before passing through Great Waldingfield to reach Monks Eleigh. After a sharp left-hand bend and narrow bridge across the River Brett a T-junction on the A1141 is met.

There's a multiplex east through the centre of the village for about half a mile before the B1115 regains its number by continuing east when the A1141 turns southwards. A short distance further on we reach Bildeston and a T-junction. There is a branch from here southwards to Semer but the mainline heads north via Cross Green to Stowmarket. It runs through the town and over the A14 to end on the A1120 in Stowupland.


The B1115 ran through Saxmundham in 1932

None of the above was numbered B1115 in 1922. The first section to Great Waldingfield was numbered B1071, then the B1072 to Bildeston, except for the multiplex through Monks Eleigh which was the B1070. The section (including the spur) from Semer to Stowmarket was B1073 and then the rest was B1114. This all became B1115 in 1935, as did the road east of Stowmarket. It followed what is now the A1120 to Stonham Aspel, then the unclassified road to Debenham, then another unclassified road to Ashfield Place. This was all numbered B1114 in 1922 and upgraded to become part of the A1120 in the 1950s.

The original route of the B1115 started on the B1077 at Peats Corner and headed east (this first section becoming a spur in 1935) along what is now the A1120 as far as Saxtead Green. It then followed the B1119 via Framlingham and Saxmundham to Leiston. This section was also renumbered in the 1950s so as not to give the B1115 a gap.

When the A1120 came into being it cut back the B1115 so its eastern end was on the A45 (present A1308) in Stowmarket. Construction of the A45 (now A14) bypass rerouted the A1120 to meet that road and so the B1115 was extended back along some of its old route into Stowupland. This section had a level crossing and in 2010 a relief road opened.

The DfT Card Index from c2002 lists the B1115 as continuing to Claydon, which implies it was intended to extend it along the former length of the A14 into Ipswich. However, in the event this road was given the B1113 number when the A14 was upgraded.

Stowmarket Relief Road

Navigation Approach was officially opened on 2 September 2010. It may have opened for traffic earlier, in August. A New link across the London-Norwich mainline to relieve the level crossing immediately north of the station and a link between the Stowmarket Development Area and the town centre. Mortimer Road was used for the eastern end of the Relief Road. Contractor was Birse Civils Ltd., cost £18.7 million. The B1115 continued eastwards on its previous route along Stowmarket Road to finish at A1120 at Stowupland.

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