B113 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Forkill (J014158)
To:  Newry (J079237)
Via:  Meigh
Distance:  12.5 miles (20.1 km)
Meets:  B134, A1, A2, N1, L7092, R132, A1
Former Number(s):  A1
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B113 Forkill - Newry
B113 Loop via Jonesborough


The B113 is an unusually shaped road in south County Armagh. If its debated section and multiplexes are included it is a P-shape but may simply consist of two disconnected sections.

Forkhill - Newry


The road starts on the eastern side of Forkhill on the B134, which also ends here, and heads northeast along Newry Road. We soon reach Drumintee, where Finegans Road, which may also be the B113, heads off to the right; see below. We skirt the western side of the village then continue under Slieve Gullion to pass through Meigh. We continue ahead and end at Cloghogue Roundabout, a GSJ on the A1 Newry bypass. The pre-bypass road ahead is now numbered A2.

Loop via Jonesborough

Approaching Flurrybridge Interchange

If we return to Dromintee we can now follow Finegans Road. This is marked on some maps as being part of the B113 although the number only appears on a couple of signs along the route, not including here. Heading east we soon go over the Belfast to Dublin railway line then follow a traffic-calmed route through Jonesborough. There's a sharp left-hand bend in the village centre and we then climb Church Hill. The road briefly runs along the border, after which road numbering starts to do funny things. The next road on the right is the northbound offslip for Flurrybridge Interchange, which is N1 J20, although the majority of the slip road is in the north. Our road continues ahead and crosses into County Louth before going over the N1; the road ahead is the L7092 which quickly becomes the R132.

The northbound onslip to the N1 is missing so all traffic wanting to continue north must use the R132; it's not long before this crosses into County Armagh and the B113 reappears; this time there is sufficient consensus that the number exists here. We continue north across the fields along Dublin Road and shortly go over the railway line. The B113 ends a short distance further on at a dumbbell GSJ on the A1 with only north-facing sliproads. We're less than a mile south of Cloghogue Roundabout mentioned above.


The B113 was not featured in the original 1923 Road Lists but came to the area in the mid-1920s. At that time it only followed the present mainline, starting on the A1 south of Newry and heading southwest to end on an unclassified road on the eastern edge of Forkhill.

This situation lasted until the A1 was upgraded south of Newry in the late 2000s, with the B113 taking on the bypassed section. It is assumed that the debated extension west via Jonesborough to reach the B113 mainline east of Forkhill was also made at this time.

B113 (Northern Ireland)
JunctionsCloghogue Roundabout
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20190406-1643 - Route Confirmation Sign on old A1 heading north, Co Armagh 54.113279N 6.358526W.jpgApproaching Drumintee on the Newry Road - Geograph - 3490379.jpgHeading onto the N1 - Coppermine - 19858.JPGN1 Dundalk-Border 15th June 2007 - Coppermine - 12928.JPGThe Carrickdale Hotel from Church Hill, Jonesborough - Geograph - 3013843.jpg
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