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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Spalding bypass (TF262228)
To:  Newton(E) (TF447138)
Distance:  16.6 miles (26.7 km)
Meets:  A16, B1357, B1168, B1390, A1101
Highway Authorities

Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire

Traditional Counties

Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire

Route outline (key)
B1165 Spalding - bypass
B1165 Spalding bypass - Newton
This article is about the current B1165 east of Spalding.
For the original B1165, mostly in Northamptonshire, see B1165 (Eye - Crowland)

Tydd St Mary

The B1165 is a winding road across the Fens. The road was originally unclassified but had gained its number by the end of the 1920s.

Originally the road started on the A151 in Spalding town centre and ran along Church Street, Halmer Gate and Low Road to leave town. In 1935 the road took over the short-lived B1148, giving it a spur along Queens Road, which also ended on the A151. Maps from the late 1960s onwards also show Broad Street in the town centre as being part of the B1165. Then following construction of the A16 Spalding bypass in the 2000s the B1165 was taken out of town (Halmer Gate et al becoming the C850) and so now starts at a roundabout on the eastern bypass.

The road heads east and bypasses Low Fulney before following a fairly straight route across the fields to reach the B1357 at a T-junction. There's then a multiplex along that road to the right before that road TOTSOs right to end the multiplex, with the B1165 bending to the left to regain its easterly direction. The road now becomes far more winding, however, as it zigzags across Whaplode Fen and bears sharply left into Whaplode St Catherine.

There's now a straight section across Holbeach Fen alongside the Little South Holland Drain, broken by a staggered crossroads over the B1168, after which the road bears to the right to go over the South Holland Main Drain and enter Sutton St James. The road runs along the main street of the village and meets the B1390 at the far side.

Back in open country again we go halfway to Tydd St Mary before the B1165 TOTSOs right to avoid that village. The road then follows a winding route to the south. A T-junction is reached where another unclassified road to Tydd St Mary heads left whilst we TOTSO right to pass through Tydd St Giles; there's a TOTSO left in the village centre. After crossing the South Level Main Drain the road zigzags eastwards through Newton, ending on the far side of the village at a T-junction on the A1101.

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Roadside houses, B1165 near Tydd St Mary - Geograph - 361870.jpgB1165 at St Catherine's Bridge - Geograph - 297469.jpgHolland County Council fingerpost road sign, Low Fulney, Lincs - Geograph - 172653.jpgSaturday Bridge over Little South Holland Drain - Geograph - 6222602.jpg
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