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From:  Kirton in Lindsey (SW) (SK922964)
To:  New Holland (TA083241)
Via:  Kirton in Lindsey, Redbourne, Brigg
Distance:  23.5 miles (37.8 km)
Meets:  B1205, B1398, B1400, A15, B1207, A18, B1204, A15, B1218, A1077, B1402, unclassified
Former Number(s):  A15
Highway Authorities

North Lincolnshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1206 Kirton in Lindsey (SW) – Kirton in Lindsey
(B1398) Kirton in Lindsey
B1206 Kirton in Lindsey – Scawby Brook
(A18) Scawby Brook – Wrawby
B1206 Wrawby – New Holland


B1206 near Southwold Farm

The B1206 is a long B-road in north Lincolnshire. It is now considerably longer than it was in the 1922 Road Lists.

It starts on the B1205 to the south-west of Kirton in Lindsey. It heads north and then north-east for about a mile to reach Kirton before multiplexing through the village along the B1398. It reappears shortly by turning right at a crossroads and heads east, crossing the A15 en route to a roundabout on the southern edge of Redbourne. This marks the original eastern end of the B1206.

The B1206 now continues through Redbourne and Hibaldstow to meet the A18 on the western edge of Brigg. It multiplexes with that road through the town (although there is a bypass of the town centre) before regaining its number near Wrawby and continuing northeast. It crosses the M180 without a junction just to the north before going through Elsham and then running parallel to the A15 for a short distance. A GSJ with that road is met and the B1206 has to turn left onto the slip road and then TOTSO right to cross the A15 (straight on is the B1218). The A1077 is crossed in Barrow upon Humber (which is actually well over a mile from the river) before the B1206 reaches New Holland.

Originally, the main road (although never the B1206) went through New Holland but the village now merits a bypass. Old and new roads meet again on the northern edge of the village a few yards from the railway level crossing. The B1206 ends at the railway line; on the far side are the docks.


Most of the B1206 was originally numbered A15

The B1206 north of Redbourne was originally the A15. The Brigg to New Holland section was renumbered B1206 following construction of the Humber Bridge in 1981, whilst the Redbourne to Brigg section became the B1206 in 1990 after the A15 was rerouted via the M180. The A18 through Brigg was originally numbered A15 as well.

Prior to the building of the Humber Bridge the road to New Holland was the only way to cross the Humber without having to detour via Goole; A15 traffic continued over the railway line to New Holland Pier, where the Humber Crossing ferries would take traffic to Hull. The A15 continued on the northern side of the ferry as far as the A63.

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