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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Towton (SE484393)
To:  East Garforth(N) (SE421346)
Distance:  5.2 miles (8.4 km)
Meets:  A162, M1, A642, A656
Highway Authorities

Leeds  • North Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1217 Towton - East Garforth
This article is about the current B1217 in Yorkshire.
For the original B1217 between Scunthorpe and Barton upon Humber, see B1217 (Lincolnshire)



The B1217 is a short B road connecting Towton, in the Selby District of North Yorkshire, with Garforth, in the City and Metropolitan Borough of Leeds.

After leaving the A162 at Towton the B1217 heads southwest along a fairly open road with good sight lines. The most notable feature of the road, however, is that it runs beneath the junction between the A1(M) and M1 at Hook Moor, passing below two D3M roads in quick succession. Indeed, more drivers will have seen the B1217 from the A1(M) than will have actually driven on it. The B1217 does not, of course, interact with these motorways until, a mile further on, it terminates at Junction 47 of the M1, from where its onward course is taken over by the A642.


The route of what is now the B1217 was originally unclassified in the 1922 Road Lists, except for the section west of the original A1 which was part of the A642. On 1st April, 1924, it was upgraded to Class II status and received the number B6379. However, since the road was, at the time, entirely to the east of the A1, it should have received a '1' zone number. In September of that year, this was rectified by reusing the B1217 number, which had become defunct that April by being upgraded to the A1077. The B1217, therefore, is possibly the first ever road number to be "recycled". However, the road still has the B6379 number on the 1932 Ten-Mile map.

Until late 1998 the B1217 ended at a modified trumpet junction with the A1, A642, A656 and the bypassed former A1 through Aberford. The works to upgrade the A1 to A1(M) and extend the M1 to meet it, completed in 1999, resulted in the connection to the A1 being closed and replaced by the present M1 J47 some distance to the west. As a result, part of what had been the A642 between the two junctions became part of the B1217, meaning that a '6' zone number is needed after all.

At an earlier stage in the works there was a temporary southbound off-slip from the A1 to the B1217 to replace the part of the old junction.

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