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From:  Scunthorpe (SE891128)
To:  Winterton (SE930185)
Via:  Burton-upon-Staither
Distance:  7.8 miles (12.6 km)
Meets:  A1077, A1077, B1207
Highway Authorities

North Lincolnshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1430 Frodingham - Scunthorpe bypass
B1430 Scunthorpe bypass - Burton-upon-Staither - Winterton
(A1077) Roxby Road, Winterton
B1430 Winterton

The B1430 is a largely rural B-road in north Lincolnshire. The road was originally unclassified, except for the eastern end through Winterton which was part of the B1217 (soon renumbered A1077), but the B1430 number came to the area in the mid-1930s.

Originally the B1430 started on the B1216 Warren Road on the edge of Frodingham. However, when that road was declassified following the construction of the A1077 Scunthorpe northern bypass the southern end of the B1430 was declassified with it and so the road now started at a roundabout on the A1077 bypass. The road now starts at a roundabout, still on the A1077, and heads north past an industrial estate and the remnants of heavy industry to reach open country and the Normanby Hall Country Park.

On the edge of the village of Normanby (and by the gates to the hall) a mini-roundabout is reached where we turn left to run through the village. A few bends then take us to Burton-upon-Staither, where the road zigzags through the narrow streets of the village centre and eventually leaves town heading eastwards. The next village is Thealby, where we bear sharply left at a triangular junction; the road to the right is the short-cut back to the mini-roundabout in Normanby.

The road continues east past old mine workings to a T-junction on the A1077. Originally the B1430 turned right here to end on the original line of that road on the western edge of Winterton but since the 1950s the A-road has bypassed Winterton and so we now multiplex along that road to the old eastern end of the B1430 where our road regains its number at a mini-roundabout and then continues along the ex-A1077 east through the village. We bear left at another mini-roundabout to avoid the High Street before a sharp right-hand bend takes us eastwards along West Street. The end of the road is at the next left-hand bend, where the road network still harks back to A1077 days. The remarkably narrow road to the right here is the B1207 and it is that road that continues ahead.

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