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From:  Wrotham Heath (TQ636581)
To:  Mereworth (TQ656529)
Distance:  3.4 miles (5.5 km)
Meets:  A20, A26, A228
Old route now:  A228
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2016 Wrotham Heath - Mereworth
B2016 Mereworth - Hale Street


The B2016 is a short north-south road which connects the A20 near Wrotham Heath to the A26 and A228 just south of Mereworth. It forms part of Seven Mile Lane (which is actually less than 6 miles in length).

The road has a history of crashes, and has several large rises and dips along its length. As a result of this, there are long sections of double white lines, and the limit is 50 mph.

The road is quite important and is the signed route to Paddock Wood from M26 J2A, and M20 J2, although these are not actually on the B2016.

Wrotham Heath - Mereworth

The road starts off by heading under a railway bridge which carries the London - Ashford line. There is a turning here to a nursery as well as the village of Offham and the tiny settlement of Aldon. The road is quite narrow here and climbs fairly steeply (round a couple of sharp bends) up to the crossroads at Comp Lane. We then pass Orchard Place, which is lit up brightly at night. The hilly section now starts. The road now passes through Mereworth Woods, with an MOD Base on the right hand side. This section of road can be quite unnerving, as cars can appear and disappear into the dips very suddenly.

Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth

We emerge from the woods, with a pub (apparently very cold in winter) on the right, and a single-track road to Mereworth on the left. The road now starts to descend and we pass more narrow turnings. There is a crossroads, where you can turn left directly into the village of Mereworth (which can be used as a shortcut to access the northbound A228 or the A26 towards Maidstone. If you wish to follow either of these roads south, however, stay on the B2016 for a short distance to its terminal roundabout, where you can head left for Mereworth, Kings Hill and Maidstone, right for Tonbridge, and straight ahead for Paddock Wood and Tunbridge Wells.

Original Author(s): A228_mb


The B2106 used to continue on what's now the A228 as far as Hale Street, where it met the B2015 (which took over the rest of the current A228 route to the A21).

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