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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Coulsdon (TQ296595)
To:  Betchworth (TQ210510)
Distance:  8.9 miles (14.3 km)
Meets:  A237, B278, B2219, A217, B2220, B290, B2220, B2033, A25
Highway Authorities

Croydon  • Surrey

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2032 Coulsdon - Betchworth

The B2032 is a medium-length urban B-road in the vicinity of the southern side of the M25.

The B2032 now appears to start and terminate on the A237 in Coulsdon. It formerly ran on to the old A23 and at the traffic-light junction with that road caused major delays, resulting in the (protracted) building of the Coulsdon Relief Road. Ordnance Survey maps suggest the B2032's truncation.

The opening junction is a three-phase set of lights, including the residential Woodman Road as well as the B2032 and A237. The road heads out of Coulsdon Centre on Chipstead Valley Road, but the suburbs continue and the allowance of parking on the narrow road often necessitates waiting for vehicles from the opposite direction. The road leaves the London Borough of Croydon and enters Surrey proper. Although the houses do not stop, this is where Coulsdon becomes Chipstead. The road dives under the Tattenham Corner branch line and immediately after is the right turn onto the B278 for Woodmansterne.

The next junction on the right is for the B2219 for Banstead. This was formerly a straight t-junction but has been transformed into a mini-roundabout in recent years.

After this the houses on the right stop and there is a good vista as the North Downs rise up above the valley. It is still rather narrow and in recent years the 40 mph limit on this stretch has been reduced to 30 mph. Another mini-roundabout has been newly built here for a junction with a lane on the left. The houses then also stop on the left and at Chipstead Bottom the road goes under the railway line again by a pub. The limit is increased to 40 mph (formerly NSL) and the road climbs out of the valley on a series of bends through the trees. An old fashioned "Z" bend sign warns of those.

Kingswood is reached and large houses and the golf course are passed before its station is reached. The railway line is crossed for the third time, but on this occasion the B2032 is on the bridge. Immediately after is a totso requiring a left turn. This is by the large Kingswood Arms pub.

The large signalised Tadworth Roundabout is then negotiated, which is the junction with the primary A217 and the B2220. The A217 south is the first exit and this route takes exit two. After the junction the road is much wider and was NSL as late as the 1990s. The speed limit was reduced to 50 mph and then in the 2000s to the current 40 mph. What houses there are are set back on their own service road and the road itself is quite straight. Soon the Tattenham Corner line is crossed for the fourth and final time, but it is emerging from a tunnel here and is not visible from the road.

A crossroads with the B290 is passed and then is a long straight section across Banstead Heath. The hazards here are a series of dips, and Walton Heath Golf Course of which some holes are on the right requiring golfers to cross the road. Otherwise it's heathland and trees all the way. There is a junction on the right with the B2220, which was met previously at the Tadworth Roundabout and which took a horseshoe route via the villages of Tadworth and Walton on the Hill. The road then crosses the M25 between junctions 8 and 9. There is no junction here.

Dorking Road

A newer built roundabout is then reached. This is purely for Pfizer's UK headquarters. Because of the nature of their business, a large security gate and guards are visible from the road. Continuing on, there is a right turn for the B2033 for Headley which also gives access to Box Hill. A 16% hill is negotiated as the road drops from the North Downs. There is a climbing lane for traffic coming uphill. At the bottom are some bends then another railway line, that from Redhill to Guildford. This is on a level crossing and Betchworth Station is immediately on the right. Because of trains waiting and slowing for the station, the wait for the crossing can be quite lengthy.

The road then terminates on a roundabout junction with the A25 Betchworth bypass. Left for Reigate and Redhill; right for Dorking; straight across for an unclassified road that leads into the village of Betchworth itself. In pre-bypass days the B2032 continued along this to reach the old A25 in the centre of the village. Betchworth Church was doubling for others in wedding 1 and 3 in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral - in the later case doubling for Scotland!

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