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From:  Tenterden (TQ885334)
To:  Lympne (N) (TR110367)
Distance:  16.5 miles (26.6 km)
Meets:  A28, B2080, A2070, A20
Former Number(s):  A2070
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2067 Tenterden – Lympne
B2067 Spur in Hamstreet
B2067 Lympne – Hythe
The B2067, Hamstreet Road, west of Ruckinge

The B2067 runs mostly along the edge of Romney Marsh in south Kent.

The route starts on the A28 in the centre of Tenterden and heads east, crossing the B2080 on its way out of town. It skirts the northern edge of Shirley Moor (which would be called a fen if we were further north) before touching the south of Woodchurch. A few miles further on the B2067 goes under the A2070 Hamstreet bypass and the Marshlink railway line immediately afterwards.

The A2070 used to go through Hamstreet. There is no junction at the point where the B2067 goes under the bypass, so a short section of ex-A2070 north of Hamstreet has been renumbered B2067 to link the two roads together. The GSJ connecting them is of the simplest kind: a short link road to connect two S2 roads.

East of Hamstreet the B2067 runs parallel to the Royal Military Canal through Ruckinge, Bilsington, and Bonnington. On leaving the latter village it swings briefly to the north to skirt the west side of White's Wood before turning right at a T-junction and shortly thereafter taking a left fork prior to climbing Knoll Hill. After passing Port Lympne Wild Animal Park (on the right) the road abruptly TOTSOs left to follow Otterpool Lane northward for a mile. It passes an industrial estate on the site of the former RAF Lympne before descending to end on the A20 at a set of traffic lights.

The routing of the final mile of the B2067 along Otterpool Lane dates to around 1990. Before this the road had carried on from Port Lympne through Lympne itself before ending on the A261 on the western edge of Hythe. The original route into town, Old London Road, was closed to traffic in the 1930s (it is now a footpath) and the B2067 was consequently rerouted slightly to meet the A261 just south of Pedlinge.


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