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B207 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Crossgare (C840261)
To:  Mullaghinch (C883190)
Distance:  5.1 miles (8.2 km)
Meets:  A29, B66, B188
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Route outline (key)
B207 Crossgare - Mullaghinch


Approaching the B66

The B207 is a link road in the north of County Londonderry.

The road starts on the A29 at Crossgare, a couple of miles south of Coleraine, and heads southeast. It follows a straight road across the fields before a couple of bends take it across the Aghadowey River. On the far side the B66 comes in from the right and is the dominant number in a short multiplex ahead.

After a couple of hundred yards the B66 TOTSOs left and the B207 regains its number by continuing ahead. The road is again largely straight, although there are a few more bends than in the northern section. The road goes over a low hill and descends into the valley of the Agivey River, ending just before crossing the river itself when the B188 comes in from the right and takes on the road ahead.


The B207 was originally unclassified, gaining Class II status in the late 1920s. However, it did not become the B207 at this time but rather became the B187 north of the B66 and B188 to the south.

The road was quickly declassified again (with the B187 disappearing and the B188 being rerouted) but had gained Class II status a second time by 1961; this time it did become the B207.

B207 (Northern Ireland)
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