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B210 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Caledon (H762445)
To:  Middletown (H752387)
Distance:  4 miles (6.4 km)
Meets:  A28, A3
Former Number(s):  B110
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Route outline (key)
B210 Caledon - Middletown
The B210 at Coolkill

The B210 is a short road in west County Armagh. The road was originally unclassified but became the B110 in the mid-1920s. It had gained its present number by 1946 although it is not known why the number was changed.

The road starts at a triangular junction on the A28 to the east of Caledon and heads south across the fields. It bypasses Tynan to the west, as it always has done, and then zigzags right-left over the Tynan River. On the far side we pass the castellated gateway to the estate of Tynan Abbey, which was bombed during the Troubles and later demolished.

The road then detours to the west before turning sharply south once more. It continued across undulating terrain before entering Middletown along Coolkill Road to end at a crossroads on the A3 in the centre of town.

B210 (Northern Ireland)
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