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From:  Lower Beeding (TQ219262)
To:  Langton Green(W) (TQ537388)
Via:  Hand Cross, Turners Hill, East Grinstead, Forest Row, Groombridge
Distance:  27.9 miles (44.9 km)
Meets:  A281, B2115, A23, B2114, B2036, B2028, A22, A264, A22, B2026, B2188, A264
Former Number(s):  A23, A279, A264
Highway Authorities

East Sussex • Kent • West Sussex

Traditional Counties

Kent • Sussex

Route outline (key)
B2110 Lower Beeding – East Grinstead
(A22) Station Road - Moat Road, East Grinstead
(A264) Moat Road - Blackwell Hollow, East Grinstead
B2110 Blackwell Hollow - Lewes Road, East Grinstead
(A22) East Grinstead - Forest Row
B2110 Forest Row – Hartfield
(B2026) Hartfield
B2110 Hartfield – Langton Green


The B2110 is a reasonably useful road across the north of Sussex with large parts formed from former A roads.

Section 1: Lower Beeding - East Grinstead

Lower Beeding

The B2110 starts on the A281 in Lower Beeding as the bottom corner of a triangle of roads, with the B2115 and A281 forming the other two sides. It takes a sharp right at the B2115 and then heads straight for the A23 at Handcross. This part of the road forms the final part of a route used by many drivers to get from the A24 to the A23 using the A272 and A281. At Handcross there is a GSJ with the A23 which has a frightening short on-slip to the A23 southbound. The southbound off-slip is about a mile further north on the B2114. Through Handcross the B2110 multiplexes with the B2114 which is following part of the old A23.

From Handcross the road follows what must be one of the longest "High Streets" in the country and is somewhat narrower and a lot more twisty. The road then meets the B2036 just south of J10A of the M23. There is a brief multiplex northwards. Continuing past Worth Abbey, with some fantastic views of the local countryside, the next village to be reached is Turners Hill. Here the road meets the B2028 at an uncontrolled crossroads, with the B2028 having priority. Both routes get very busy at peak times, with the B2110 forming a useful avoider of the heavily congested A264; there is desperate need for at least a mini-roundabout here.

Having escaped Turners Hill, the road then once again becomes very twisty as it heads under the Bluebell Railway, past Kingscote and into East Grinstead. At this point, like all the main roads in East Grinstead, things get a bit complicated. To drive the B2110 as one continuous route, a driver would now need to head onto the A22 then the A264 before finding the B2110 briefly again, which passes over the A22 Beeching Way, takes a left at a mini-roundabout in the middle of the town and then rejoins the A22 for another multiplex. Needless to say it is equally as complicated in the other direction and no one would actually drive this as a whole route as staying on the A22 would have been easier, as well as shorter.

Section 2: East Grinstead - Langton Green


After the multiplex south on the A22, Forest Row is reached, where the B2110 is found again. We head east, winding through Coleman's Hatch and Upper Hartfield before reaching Hartfield itself, where there is a multiplex with the B2026. The road then passes through Groombridge and then ends on the A264.

While likely a useful road to get from the A22 at Forest Row to Tunbridge Wells, it again doesn't form a useful route when driven as a whole as the A264 from East Grinstead is more direct.


The original route of the B2110 east of East Grinstead

The B2110 originally started at the current northerly junction with the B2114 in Handcross on what was then the A23. The section from Lower Beeding to Handcross was formerly the A279, now defunct. The B2110 originally ended in East Grinstead but was extended eastwards to Langton Green in 1935. However, this was along what is now the A264 as the A264 and B2110 swapped numbers in the 1960s between East Grinstead and Langton Green; this has given rise to the lengthy multiplex along the A22. The GSJ with the A23 was improved as part of the A23 Handcross-Warninglid improvement.

JunctionsBeeching Way Gyratory • Blackwell Hollow Roundabout • Crockers Hatch Corner • Handcross Junction
PlacesEast Grinstead • Royal Tunbridge Wells
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