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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Prongers Corner, Lower Beeding (TQ213270)
To:  Whitemans Green, Cuckfield (TQ303255)
Via:  Warninglid
Distance:  5.8 miles (9.3 km)
Meets:  A281, B2110, A23, B2114, B2036
Former Number(s):  A280, A279, B2114
Highway Authorities

West Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2115 Prongers Corner – Lower Beeding
(B2110) Lower Beeding – Stone House Farm
B2115 Stone House Farm – Whitemans Green
B2115 Sandygate Lane, Lower Beeding

The B2115 in West Sussex is a quiet, uneventful rural route running from west to east and largely paralleling the much busier A272, which lies for the most part a couple of miles to the south.

The route starts on the A281 a little west of Lower Beeding and forms the northern side of a triangle together with sections of the A281 and B2110. The first half mile of the B2115, running into the village, was once the entire A280, but a greater use was soon found for that number and this section (known as Sandygate Lane) was renumbered as a spur of the now defunct A279 in 1935. It did not become the first part of the B2115 until very much later, in the 1990s.

East of Lower Beeding our route is subsumed for three quarters of a mile by the B2110 before a right turn marks the point where the B2115 resumes its independent existence, continuing south-eastwards towards Warninglid. Having passed through Warninglid, we cross the A23 at a grade-separated junction near nowhere in particular (although they do have to build the junctions where the roads are).

Another mile brings us to Slough Green, where we must give way at a T-junction to a through road which is (to the left) the B2114 coming in from Stapleford to the north and (to the right) the final section of our eastbound run to a mini-roundabout on the B2036 at Whitemans Green, just north of Cuckfield. Until fairly recently this last section of the B2115 was a part of the B2114, this fact perhaps accounting for today's TOTSO situation for west- and northbound traffic at Slough Green.

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Imh040495 A23 B2115 GSJ sign.jpgImh080489 A23 Interim site office.jpgB2115 west to Pronger's Corner (C) Dave Spicer - Geograph - 2306780.jpgSandygate Lane (B2115), Lower Beeding, West Sussex - Geograph - 86313.jpgProngers Corner- Junction of A281 and B2115 at Lower Beeding, West Sussex - Geograph - 86312.jpg
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