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From:  Partridge Green (TQ189190)
To:  Offham (TQ399128)
Via:  Hurstpierpoint, Ditchling
Distance:  15.7 miles (25.3 km)
Meets:  B2135, A281, B2118, B2117, A273, B2112, A275
Former Number(s):  B2117, B2136
Old route now:  B2117
Highway Authorities

East Sussex  • West Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2116 Partridge Green – Shermanbury
(A281) Shermanbury – Crouch Hill Gate
B2116 Crouch Hill Gate – Cooksbridge
B2116 Locks Green - Hurstpierpoint


B2116 Ditchling Road, Plumpton

The B2116 is a medium-length B-road in central Sussex running parallel to the A272 and A27.

It starts on the B2135 in Partridge Green and heads east through the village, soon arriving at the A281 in Shermanbury. The B2116 multiplexes south along the A-road for a longer distance than it has existed so far.

Before getting to Henfield, the B2116 regains its number and continues east. It goes through no places of importance for a few miles until it reaches Albourne.

It crosses the B2118 (formerly the A23) via a short multiplex in Albourne then crosses the present A23 via a bridge (although there is no junction here) into Hurstpierpoint. In the village it passes the B2117 and goes on to Hassocks, although there is no gap between the villages. Here it crosses the A273 via Traffic Lights.

A short distance further on, the railway station is passed then we leave this built-up area and enter the South Downs National Park. The next village is Ditchling, where we cross the B2112 at a mini roundabout. Now the B2116 goes south to Westmeston, closer to the edge of the hills, before heading east again to avoid climbing.

The last section of the B2116 is along the edge of the hills. It goes through Plumpton before dropping down to terminate at a 'give way' sign at the A275, south of Cooksbridge.


The original western end of the B2116 was on the A281 at Locks Green, a tiny hamlet on the edge of Shaves Wood. The road then continued northeast along what is now the B2117 before reaching its current route at Hurstpierpoint.

The road immediately west of Hurstpierpoint was originally numbered B2117; the two numbers were swapped in 1935. However, the B2117 only got as far as the A23 at Albourne; west from here to the A281 at Henfield was originally unclassified.

The westernmost section of the B2116, from Partridge Green to Shermanbury, was originally the B2136. This was renumbered B2116 in 1935 along with the rest of the new route, although it is not obvious why this was done considering the long multiplex along the A281.

The eastern end of the B2116 has not moved. The 1922 Road Lists state that the road ends in Lewes but the road has always ended where it does now a few miles away.

JunctionsAlbourne Junctions
CrossingsHassocks Bridge
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