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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Clapham Hill (TR105646)
To:  Eddington (TR180669)
Via:  Whitstable, Herne Bay
Distance:  7.8 miles (12.6 km)
Meets:  A299, A290, A2990, A291
Former Number(s):  A290, A291, A299, B2040
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2205 Clapham Hill – Eddington
Borstal Hill, Whitstable, Kent: looking north across the Thames Estuary towards Essex

The B2205 is a winding urban road in north Kent.

The route starts at Clapham Hill at an interchange with the A2990 (the original Thanet Way). From here it runs north along Borstal Hill and Canterbury Road to Whitstable. It then follows the line of the coast though Tankerton and, after an inland deviation to another junction with the "old" Thanet Way by Chestfield and Swalecliffe railway station, to Swalecliffe itself.

A noticeably twisty course, just north of the near dead-straight railway line and A299, then brings the B2205 to a third junction with the A2990 (reached by a short, 170-metre-long spur, known as Greenhill Bridge Road) before the route heads northeastward into the centre of Herne Bay.

Today the B2205 heads directly south from the eastern end of the High Street along Canterbury Road to a final encounter with the A2990 at Eddington.


What is now the B2205 was mostly originally numbered B2040. The entire road gained Class I status as part of the A299 later in the 1920s, then when that road was moved onto the Thanet Way (the present A2990) in the mid-1930s the B2205 came into being.

The western and eastern ends were originally the northern ends of the B2042 and B2044 respectively, becoming the A290 and A291 before the A299 came into being. It wasn't until the 2000s that the B2205 was extended along these roads.

Some maps show that the B2205 left Herne Bay to the east by way of Mickleburgh Hill to reach a slightly more easterly terminus on Thanet Way close to Blacksole Farm. However, this section was actually numbered B2206.

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