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From:  Stone DA2 (TQ562740)
To:  Littlebrook (TQ560749)
Via:  Cotton Lane
Distance:  0.7 miles (1.1 km)
Meets:  A226, A206, A282
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Route outline (key)
B2228 Stone – Littlebrook


The B2228 is a short road in the eastern fringes of Dartford. Its number really is B2228 and not the B3228 that several sources state (e.g. OS Landranger 177, this Statutory Instrument).

The route starts at a traffic-light-controlled junction with the A226 and heads north. It then passes a hospital called Archery House, whilst on our right are the old Dartford Bowls Club and the new Judo centre, built as a judo training centre for the 2012 games and for training future judo stars.

The next junction is with Bow Arrow Lane, which was cut in half in the early 1960s for the A282 Dartford Approach Road, which also acts as an eastern bypass of Dartford. This site is also where Fantaseas Swimming Pool used to be. Built in the late 1980s for the opening of the Littlebrook Interchange (junction 1A of the A282), it lasted no more than five years, if even that, spending more years in a state of abandonment abandoned before it was finally demolished in 2002. Also built at the same time is a closed viewpoint on our right for the Dartford Bridge. When it opened, Crossway Business Park was just marshland but in the 20 years since the bridge's opening, it has grown to become once of the main business parks on the M25.

The next road on the right is the original Cotton Lane. The road would have curved to the right here but now we curve to the left. We go over the North Kent Line, which has lots of grim stations.

Not long after this, we reach J1A of the A282, where our road ends. This junction has been upgraded over the years, simply to keep it flowing. There are quite a few options from here. Firstly, there is the A206 which takes you to either Crayford, Erith, and Abbey Wood, or towards Bluewater and Crossway Business Park. There is the road towards the power plant, which has now given rise to another business park, this one called the Bridge. Lastly, you have the A282 itself which will take you to all sorts of places, including France via the Channel Tunnel.

An OpenStreetMap trace for this route awaits uploading to the SABRE Wiki.


The original Cotton Lane went to Stone. This area was once the Kent Portland Cement Works, though it is buried now under landfill. In 1988, junction 1A of the A282 opened and the road, which was still unclassified, became a useful link between Dartford, the A282, and (by 1993) Crayford. When Bluewater opened in 1999, the road gained its number: B2228.

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