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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Tonbridge School (TQ591468)
To:  Tonbridge Station (TQ587458)
Via:  Tonbridge High Street
Distance:  0.7 miles (1.1 km)
Meets:  A227, B2021, A26, A2014
Former Number(s):  A21, A26
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2260 Central road in Tonbridge
The Big Bridge over the Medway in Tonbridge

The B2260 is a short road running through the centre of Tonbridge that follows the old route of the A21 and A26 before the Tonbridge and Tonbridge East Bypasses opened respectively.


The road starts at traffic lights where the A227 TOTSOs at Bordyke, and heads south along the High Street. The B2021 (which is one-way towards the road) soon comes in from the left and the road descends to pass the castle ruins and cross The Big Bridge over one of the channels of the River Medway. On the far side the buildings seem more utilitarian.

After another bridge over the narrower channel of the Medway the road slowly climbs, still passing various shops in the town centre, before meeting a roundabout before the bridge over the various railway lines at Tonbridge Station. The entrance to the station is on the bridge.

The road passes more shops (and becomes a bit more congested) before ending on another roundabout. Ahead is the A26 and to the left is the A2014, the A26 having multiplexed with it at this point.


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Original route of A21 & A26

The road was originally the A21 passing through Tonbridge heading to London and Hastings, before the main bypass around the south and west was opened.

After this, the road was the A26, which passed along the road through the town, unlike the A21 then heading west. After the East bypass opened, the road gained its present number, and strangely the A26 multiplexes now with the A2014, instead of taking it over.

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The Big Bridge, Tonbridge - Geograph - 1782222.jpg
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