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From:  Butlers Green House, Haywards Heath (TQ318239)
To:  Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath (TQ343231)
Distance:  1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Meets:  A272, B2028, B2112
Former Number(s):  A272
Highway Authorities

West Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2272 Butlers Green House - Princess Royal Hospital
Muster Green looking west
Gyratory layout

The B2272 is a short road in Haywards Heath, connecting the town centre to each end of the A272 southern bypass.

The route starts at a roundabout on the A272 on the western edge of town and heads east along Butler's Green Road and the speed limit immediately drops to 30MPH. On the right there is a new retirement village followed by the Beech Hurst Park. After negotiating a double mini-roundabout by The Dolphin public house, we skirt Muster Green and then reach a gyratory on the southern edge of the town centre, where the Brighton Main Line passes underneath, and our road meets the B2028.

We are now in the town center, we pass a park on the right and head up the High Street, the B2112 is crossed at a roundabout. We continue along the road where there are residential streets on both sides before we get to two roundabout where the last one is where we re-join the A272.


The A272 before the bypass was completed

The B2272 follows the former route of the A272 through Haywards Heath. It was created in August 2014 when the A272 southern bypass of the town was fully opened.


Its major bottleneck is at gyratory over the railway, potentially there may be adjustments here to reduce congestion. If the A272 is altered in the future to bypass other parts of Haywards Heath, Cuckfield or Scaynes Hill then the B2272 may be extended

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B2272 Junction Design.pngTylers's Green roundabout - Geograph - 21843.jpgSergisons Arms 1906.PNGButlers Green Road, Haywards Heath - Geograph - 4434647.jpgSussex Square 1914.PNG
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