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From:  Dartford (TQ554733)
To:  Meopham (TQ645666)
Distance:  7.4 miles (11.9 km)
Meets:  A225, A296, B262, B255, A227
Old route now:  A296
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B260 New Town - Park Road Roundabout, Dartford
B260 Dartford - Meopham


The B260 is a typical country B-road in the North Western part of Kent.

Dartford - Meopham

This the B260 near to the start of the B262

The road begins on the Park Road Roundabout on the A296 and the A225 spur. It is not too far from the Dartford Football Ground. Heading south, it passes the Leigh Technology School and the Orbital 1 trade park before going downhill over the A282/M25 (the changeover point is roughly by this bridge) before arriving at the Gore Road Roundabout. This was built in 1999 for the Bluewater complex. We now go under a 50 m high viaduct which is for the A2. This bridge was rebuilt with new sliproads for the M25. After that, we enter the village of Darenth where we arrive at a mini-roundabout for Darenth Hill. We then enter a 40 mph section of road as we leave Darenth for Longfield. This used to be NSL but not now. We go though the hamlet of Green Street Green where the B262 goes off towards Southfleet and Gravesend. The B260 now twists and bends as we approach the Fawkham Spur of HS1 and enter Longfield and a 30 mph speed limit and another mini roundabout. Left for the B255 (though not numbered here) for Bean, Bluewater and Greenhive, right for an unclassified road to Fawkham and the back end of Brands Hatch.

We soon pass Station Road, for Longfield Station, and then reach another roundabout, this one for Hartley New Ash Green. After passing Axton Chase School, we enter what Google Maps states to be New Barn - this is the Eastern part of Longfield. After passing New Barn Road, we quickly enter Longfield Hill. Here there is a traffic calming scheme. It's not very good at all.

After going over the London-Bromley-Chatham Line, we enter the borough of Gravesham. This is were NSL begins but not for long. We soon arrive at Meopham (England's longest village some say) where we meet the A227 at a T-junction. Here there are two options: left for Meopham Station and Gravesend, right for the rest of Meopham, Wortham, Borough Green and Tonbridge.


Although the B260 follows more-or-less the same route it always has, a small section in Dartford was upgraded to A-class in 1978. It is now numbered A296.

Original Author(s): A Beaton

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