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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Carshalton (TQ276642)
To:  Waddon (TQ310645)
Distance:  2.8 miles (4.5 km)
Meets:  A232, B278, A237, B272, A23, B275
Highway Authorities

Croydon  • Sutton

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B271 Carshalton - Waddon
Stafford Road

The B271 is an urban B-road in south London. It's a very busy and slow route during the daytime and particularly so during rush hour.

The road starts at a crossroads in Carshalton where the A232 primary route TOTSOs in both directions. The fourth arm of the crossroads is the B278. The junction here is controlled by three-phase traffic signals.

We proceed east along Benyon Road, which has smaller specialist-type shops and a second-hand car dealership on the left and residential housing on the right. We continue past suburban-type residences to reach a pelican crossing just past the turning for The Park. That road is named after Carshalton Park which follows on the right. It is hidden behind a row of houses to start. Ruskin Road ends at a traffic-light-controlled T-junction.

Turning right, it's more of the same suburban housing. We cross the West Croydon to Sutton railway line. Across the bridge and it becomes Boundary Road. It's slightly wider here and a cycle lane is on both the near and far side of the road. These lanes continue for a very limited time and their point is lost on the author. Another pelican crossing is passed before we reach a roundabout. Boundary Road continues straight across. The B271 turns left, however, onto Stanley Park Road. The right turn is the unclassified continuance of Stanley Park Road. Another Pelican crossing is passed before we near central Wallington. There is a light-controlled crossroads with the A237. The signpost before the crossroads makes no mention of this at all: it concentrates solely on directions to car parks in the area. This junction marks the original western end of the B271; it was extended westwards in about 1935.

Continuing on Stafford Road and past a Sainsbury's superstore, there is a filter lane on the left and traffic lights for the store exit. The road then continues past two more pedestrian crossings, a Pelican and a Zebra. At Sandy Lane South the B272 comes in from the right at the traffic signal and starts to multiplex with us. The road is more suburban again now and Mellows Park is on the left.

At the next set of lights is a crossroads and another section of the B272 is the left turn. Then it's past a mixture of industrial premises, small shops, flats and houses and into the London Borough of Croydon; the boundary is marked by a line of bricks across the road. The conclusion of the road comes soon afterwards at the very busy Fiveways Corner in Waddon. The other roads at this junction are the London to Brighton A23, the primary A232 (which we left at the start and which made its own way here by a shorter route), and the B275. Originally the B271 continued east into Addington before becoming part of the A212.

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Stafford Road, Wallington (C) Peter Trimming - Geograph - 1386161.jpg
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