B29 (Jersey)

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From:  Gorey
To:  Le Fort du Vercluit
Distance:  2.4 miles (3.9 km)
Meets:  B30, B62, B91
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Route outline (key)
B29 Gourey - Le Fort du Vercluit

The B29 starts on the B30 a little way up the hill from picturesque Gorey Harbour, and doubles back across the Castle Green. Dropping again, it winds along the coast to reach the sea wall at Anne Port Beach. No sooner has it reached the shore, however, when it starts climbing again, up and over the headland at La Crete, to drop down to Havre de Fer. A grassy swathe lies between the road and beach here, and then the houses at Archirondel line the shore, hiding the tower on its little headland. This headland is part of an intriguing tale of government folly. When looking for a site for a new deepwater harbour on Jersey, St Catherines Bay was selected. However, despite the northern breakwater progressing well, the southern structure foundered for want of a suitable quarry on the shore, and so never progressed much beyond the tower. In the end, the growth of ships, changing relations with France and the general unsuitability of the location saw the plans abandoned, after a huge amount of money had been squandered.

The B29 now curves around the back of St Catherine's Bay to a crossroads. Ahead is the no entry, one-way B91, and to the left the B62. The B29 TOTSOs right and runs back to the shore. Traffic wanting the B91 can come this way, and climb a steep hill to join it, and further on the B29 forks into a one-way system. In the middle of the fork are the quarries for the breakwater, now converted to car and boat parking. Forking left, the B29 rounds a rocky outcrop to find the coast once more and then suddenly the breakwater, stretching way out into the sea appears ahead. At nearly half a mile long it is an impressive folly! The road turns back on itself, past more parking, slipways and beach access to return to the fork.

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B29 (Jersey)
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