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B3219 (Whiddon Down - Winkleigh)

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From:  Whiddon Down (SX690926)
To:  Winkleigh (SS633079)
Distance:  11.9 miles (19.2 km)
Met (1991) A382, A3072, B3220
Now part of:  A3124
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3219 Whiddon Down - Fowley Cross
(B3215) North Tawton
B3219 Sampford Courtney - Winkleigh
This article is about the later incarnation of the route, between Whiddon Down and Winkleigh, now part of the A3124.
For the original route of the B3219 to the west of Okehampton, now part of the A386, see B3219 (Folly Gate - Sourton Down)

Heading north on the A3214 (former B3219)

The B3219 number was reused around 1991 for a previously unclassified road in mid-Devon. However, the number was short-lived as it became part of the A3124 in 1997.

The road started at Whiddon Down on the original line of the A30 (present A382) just west of the junction of those two roads. It headed north and soon went over the A30 before continuing across undulating terrain. It passed through no places of any size, perhaps explaining why this road was unclassified for so long despite its apparent high quality.

Presently the road reached a T-junction on the A3072, which appears to be the North Tawton bypass but in fact that village has never had a classified road running through it. After a multiplex to the west of over a mile the B3219 regained its number by turning right, back towards North Tawton, then had to TOTSO left at Culm Cross.

After another few miles heading north, still passing through no villages at all, the road reached the southern edge of Winkleigh and bore right onto the bypass, which dates to around the same time as the B3219 itself. The road ended a short distance further on on the B3220.

B3219 (Whiddon Down - Winkleigh)
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